Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Old Red Ink

The little ink bottle I told you about yesterday. The one which has accompanied me everywhere since 1990, or so. I moved a lot.

I always knew that I would need this red one day, there is not much left though and I don't even remember what I painted with this ink. The paintings or drawings on which I used it must be long gone. Wrotten? Hanging in a friend's or a stranger's living room? Well, difficult to say.

But there is one thing I know; this red's glory has come today:)

Have a wonderful day,


dmlebris said...

This is a lovely sketch of this "famous" red bottle! :)


Forever Young said...

wow, wow, wow, wowerful (i mean wonderful) and i still like that favourite colour.

Bad Faery said...

gorgeous sketch!

Kim said...

Oh, this red is so yummy! So rich! And that bottle! Only in Europe could you still find that 20 years ago! It is fantastic.

Thanks so much, Andrea, for sharing it with us! I wonder where we might find some red like that now? What company makes the best ink in your mind?

sukipoet said...

As others say, wonderful sketch and luscious red. I love the bottle too. How nice that it traveled with you through all your moves. Have a red knight, suki

Lynn said...

You captured this little bottle, cork and stamp marvelously! Delightfully drawn and painted.
You are the best!

Cris in Oregon said...

Andrea, This is lovely. you drew and painted it instead of photographing it. I LOVE IT.

Cris in Oregon said...

PS. Thanks for the stopping by twice on my Annie going to the vets story.. Wow coming from you that is a very high compliment. :)
it was fun to do.


Like an old friend,,,,still there and strong when you needed it!
Very uplifting work!


Elizabeth said...

Super duper colour.FAB!
Thanks for stopping by Andrea, lovely as always. Really busy because its half term for Son... I'll be back.....!! ( I have to post one day and catch up with blog another).

Love and Hugs.

human being said...

So poetic and touching.... both the painting and your account of the red ink.

Patti said...

Just beautiful Andrea - red is my favorite colour too!

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Andrea, danke, daß Du meine 3 Kommentare nicht verteufelt hast, trotzdem versuche ich, heute mit einem auszukommen (ich habe Zeige- und Mittelfinger nicht hinter dem Rücken gekreuzt, es gibt auch Bayern, die nicht schwindeln, grins).
Also, ich bin gerade ich Deine roten Malereien hineingefallen und habe festgestellt, Du mußt bei meiner chinesischen Mallehrerin in die Schule gegangen sein. Sie hat bestimmt gesagt: "Andlea, Du hast Pinsel so plima in Hand, el ist so lebendig und albeitet so wundelbal, da ist eine Spannung dlin, das ist ganz toll, mache weitel so, Du bist auf dem lichtigen Weg. Deine Schattielungen sind genial und vollel Dynamik".
Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen, Mrs.Chao hat immer recht.
Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende. Wurzerl
P.S. Jetzt hast mich angesteckt, ich glaube, ich hole morgen meine Chinesischen Tuschfarben vom Speicher, abel ob ich den Pinselstlich wiedel kann, üben!!!

Karen said...

What a great red!

There's something for you waiting over at my blog--

Meg Wolff said...

I found your blog from San's blog. I love your Old Red Ink. Red has always been my most favorite too.

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Andrea,
After I started thinking about how the color red makes me happy ... I went back and got two red soup pots that I was admiring!