Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kim's Interview "A conversation with Andrea"

Today is a special day. Kim Rodeffer Funk, a very talented painter and also a real communication talent, has had the wonderful idea of creating interviews with artist friends about their artistic paths and projects, which she then publishes on her blog. She asked me if I would be her first "subject":) and I liked the idea very much.

She has done a great job, and here is the result, I invite you all to come, bring a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy "A conversation with Andrea"

See you all there,


I'll be posting again soon here on cestandrea's blog; In the meantime please don't miss Miss Doodl'es Day:)


human being said...

Wow! Andrea an excellent job! I loved the way Kim asked her questions. And your answers were fabulous. That climactic one was terrific:
How do you think you were able to find your creative voice? A:“By getting rid of all the other voices, this took time and age!”

A great idea to have this interview. So happy to know you and your thoughts much better.
Wish you the best.

Kim said...

Andrea it has been a honor, indeed, to take on this project with you. As always, you have given me the opportunity to learn so much throught the process! I am sure the love and creativity you share here will be enhanced by the words you have shared with me on my blog!

Thank you very much for the honor and opportunity!

sukipoet said...

Hello Andrea. I read the interview. HOw lovely. Kim really hit the spot with some of her questions. Your answers and world view are as always interesting, thought-provoking and heart felt. What a lovely idea, to interview artists. Hurrah to you for being the first. Be well, Suki

Mary Richmond said...

what a nice interview! Kind of puts it all together in a very nice way. Good luck with all your projects!

Cris in Oregon said...

oh I have to read this. As soon as I get some time today after my Dentist appointment. I love getting to know how other Artist came to be. Kudos to Kim for doing this and you for going for it.

Wurzerl said...

Es scheint Sinn zu machen, daß sich Sinnverwandte interviewen!
Dann kommt so eine runde Sache heraus, in der man den Künstler wiedererkennt (was ja bei einem herkömmlichen Journalisten gerne untergeht).
Danke für diese schöne Zusammenarbeit an Kim und Dich.Interessant auch die Bildauswahl!!!
Lieber Gruß vom Wurzerl
Wir sind übrigens völlig zeitgleich in unseren gegenseitigen Blogs gelandet, meine Mailbox hat gerade geklingelt, als ich anfing den Kommentar zu schreiben.

Natalya said...

a wonderful interview! you do have a very interesting story!

Cris in Oregon said...

Finally got to read your whole story in Kims blog. Wow.. good interview. I got to know alot more about you. I thought you were pretty great before and now I am even more impressed. I am so glad your going to go forth with Miss Doodle and get something going with her. I think she is a jewel you have found. We will be saying WE KNEW YOU WHEN. :-)

Lynn said...

That was fun to listen to you talking to the interviewer, Kim, and telling us all about your history and journey in art. Loved seeing your art running through the interview too.
Do you have a publisher lined up for a Miss Doodle's series? How wonderful this idea.
Congratulations! Good luck with all your endeavors! You are a wonderful artist, whom I admire greatly.

Tammy Vitale said...

what a great interview! my favorite:
How do you think you were able to find your creative voice? A:“By getting rid of all the other voices, this took time and age.

Thanks for visiting and commenting while I was "away" - I'm back now and hope to catch up a bit on conversations and posts.

Carla said...

What a nice intervieuw. Now is your creative moment. I can see how you grow. You have opened yourself for this moment. Enjoy all the comments on your work, you deserve it. Andrea,have a nice weekend.

Patti said...

Really enjoyed the 'Conversation with Andrea' I loved hearing your insights on creativity. How cool that you rode a motor bike! I love riding bicycles and walking too.

The Owl the Buddha and the Teddy Bear made me want to begin writing a children's story to match your beautiful painting!

katie jane said...

Hi Andrea Love your blog and great interview. I check in with you each day to see what's new and now you can visit me too! I'm in the USA and my address is I hope you enjoy mine as much as i like yours. Kate