Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Owl, The Buddha and The Teddybear

This is what my desk looks like today. At the moment it is all about brush and watercolour. I have been painting with watercolours all my life, always trying to "master" this technique.

I think I will never master it. I can only practise and practise and practise. and enjoy the process and the outcome.

The size of this is 30 x 40 cm (11.8 x 15.7 "), too big to be scanned at home. This is a photograph and the colours look a bit faded.

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sukipoet said...

Oh, so that's why scanning is better than photo transfer. I think water colors are tres difficult. I keep trying too, and am always disappointed with my results and have come close to saying, i give up. They are so wonderfully portable though. I like your painting, it is sweet and the contrast between your desk painted and your desk photoed is intersting. So much more character in the painting. Be well today. Suki

Kim said...

Good Morning Andrea! I love the look of watercolors and yours looks great! It looks like you have mastered the technique to me...at least it says "Andrea" to me. These are really cute little friends who are posing for you, too. I also find watercolors very difficult to use, and I know for me, it is because I try to control them too much. When I do something which is free-flowing I love the result each time.

I know what you mean about using the camera. I don't even have a scanner, so all of my stuff you see is a photograph.

Your desk looks so cozy with the nice built-in shelves!

Peace, My Friend!

Paula said...

The desk set up is really nice.

I have watercolors and never use them. Instead I dilute acrylic. Maybe someday I'll be as brave as you !!!!

Cris in Oregon said...

Lovely...the painting and the room. I need a place to JUST do my drawings. OH I do have one.. my dining room table. lol
Thanks for sharing these. I tried scanning my work but the camera worked best even on the color.

dmlebris said...

Bonjour Andrea,

I see you have a small space for your watercolors....just like me :)

Your watercolors are so lovely!
I love them..

I put photos of my working space on "Visual Salon". :)

I also left a note for you on "Wanted - New Snoopy".

Have a great evening.


Lynn said...

I love how you showed the paint brush distorted in the water Andrea. These are lovely water color paintings. Sweet teddy you have there too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for you comment on my blog yesterday. I e-mailed you back but I don't know if you got it. I somehow think it got returned to me. I have linked you and Miss Doodle on my blog.
Keep up your lovely work. I love what you do!

human being said...

For me,as a viewer, the difference between oil painting and watercolor is like the difference between walking and flying... I like both but the former reminds me of the fact that I'm on the earth, the latter relieves me of the thought!

Mary Richmond said...

I have painted with watercolor for many years and it is my favorite medium....mostly because it is unpredictable, maddening, spontaneous, difficult, lovely, soft, beautiful, and well, you can see where this is going. A wise man once told me to not worry about the outcome of my watercolors, just enjoy the process. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It's all just paper, really, so just have fun!

Cestandrea said...

Thanks for coming here and leave all your comments! It seems that everybody has experience with watercolours more or less and knows the surprises they give us sometimes!
Human Being, your description of how you feel in front of the different techniques, oil and watercolour, is very poetic and imaginative, I love it!
I wish you all a wonderful day

Carla said...

I can imagine you sitting here. Lovely place.