Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day! Come and visit Paris

Today is a fine day. I have decided to "let go", (following the advice of my dear blogfriend Tammy) and to break the routine. I left earlier today, said goodbye to Oscar on the couch and headed for "TROCADERO" with my camera.

When I got off the metro I stopped at this nice souvenir-shop and bought three little very nice souvenirs from Paris. I will give them away on a special TROCADERO-LOTTERIE tomorrow. So do not miss to come here tomorrow:)

this is the TROCADERO - or Palais de Chaillot (the Palais de Chaillot was built in 1937 by architects Carlu, Boileau and Azema as one of the highlights of the 1937 French last colonial exhibition.) The inscription is from Artist Paul Valéry:
"Tout homme crée sans le savoir
comme il respire
Mais l’artiste se sent créer
Son acte engage tout son être
sa peine bien aimée le fortifie"

Every man creates without knowing it
as he breathes
The artist however feels that he creates
the act of creation claims his whole being
his belove torment strengthens him

another inscription from Paul Valéry:

And now please turn around and have a look at this!

I love this place, and today it was so special, very cold but sunny, with a little fog in the air. Wow, I think this is a zen place in the middle of a big town. Ok, back to work now....

Oh and on my way to work there was this nice accordeon player who was happy to be "in the picture

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a wonderful (Valentine's for those who care) day.

P.S. Don't forget to come back tomorrow, there is this special Paris souvenir waiting to be given away in a special Lotterie, very exciting:), I love it!
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Clevelandgirlie said...

What a lovely morning it looks like you have had today Ms. Andrea. The photos of the Eifel Tower are breathtaking -- I have a similar photo of the Washington Monument in the fog that looks like we took it on the same day at the same vantage point. BUT - I have to say - my favorite picture is that of dear Oscar - what an awesome art quilt that very picture would make. You are getting to be quite the photographer. I can see Oscar in a threadpainting -- hmmmmmm......
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your love(s). XO

Nanc said...

Thanks for sharing Paris once again. What beautiful pictures. I sure hope I can make it back there again someday! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh how your pictures make me miss Paris soooo much. Thank you Andres, the are wonderful. Bonne fete!

Kim said...

Yes, your photos makes me miss Paris so much, too! Thank you for taking me back. Last year, just about this time, my daugher and I spent some lovely days there. I thought it was a beautiful time to come to Paris. Thank you for reminding me of that. You are right, you found the place of Zen in the middle of a beautiful city!

Sending Love on this Day of Love!

sukipoet said...

Ohh. Thank you for this Paris walk. The tower looks gorgeous and I never knew you could drive through it!! I like the old style metro signs better, the curly cue signs. Have a happy day. So lovely to live in such a beautiful place.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh this was fun. It took me forever to get the pictures so I could see them but what a treat. Love the eiffel tower pix. How fun to have gone there today. Makes me feel like I visited there too. I didnt know you could drive underneath it either.
If I had gotten out at that souviner stand. I would have gotten one of those cute little Eiffel towers. I will check tomorrow for sure, but I will probably be sleeping while your posting. Far far away in another galaxy I am here. lol
Thanks for the tour.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh and blogger isnt sending off to my email address again. Anyone else having that problem? sigh

dmlebris said...

Ah!...Home sweet home..

Love those pictures, Andrea...

I have one for you on my blog :)

Happy Valentine's Day.


Lynn said...

Oh how fun was this? To tour Paris with you. I loved it all, but that first photo of the Effiel Tower with the womans coat blowing in the wind is a piece of art extrodinare!

And Oscar all curled up another prize winning photograph!

Your lottery sounds like fun. I'll have to tune in early tomorrow to join in!

dmlebris said...

It would be wonderful to have a
"Real cup of coffee" dans un bistro parisien. :)

Looking forward to that day.

Have a lovely evening.


human being said...

Happy Valentine!
Andrea, thanks for the wonderful tour through Paris... watching these beautiful places and reading those gorgeous poems by Valery...
All was such fun.

Mary Richmond said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! I will be in Paris in May and can't it!

Forever Young said...

ohmigod, the eiffel tower remains one of the most amazing sights i've ever seen in my life, we were in paris in about 1991 and the first time i saw it, i gasped, it was like a statue made of mathchsticks, and i kept going back day after day to look at it. these pics remind me of happiness.

Elizabeth said...

All I can find to say is WOW! Really WOW - especially the 1st photo of the Eiffel Tower!!! Fabulous. I long to go to Paris again.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. The photo of Oscar is exquisite, love that it is in close up and we can see his cute nose and fur :-))

Wim said...

Although I lived under a bridge I had a friend who had an apartement close to the Trocadero in the same building as BB. Some years ago he sold it and moved on to Vence, where he is still living now.