Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Studio: Older Things and Newer Things

KIM , one of my very talented friends here asked if we keep older things in our studios which doesn't relate to what we are working on at the moment.

The things in my studio:

Some are finished, complete, leaning against the heater which has been turned off almost always in this tepid winter.

The painted canvases are waiting patiently for the exhibition (Masks, Wallhangings and other Fiber-Art) in September 2008. Paintings on paper are waiting to be processed as textile designs, collages and drawings want to be scanned, handpainted paper would love to be used for collages.

Under the bed: a stack of masks, some in work. The Spirit-pocket on top. And also painted cotton organdi, linnen and fibers. Painted Tyvek too. All waiting. They know I'll be back!

Oscar is happy on the bed. Right next to him my Moleskin Sketchbook (Miss Doodle is hiding in there:) (don't miss her today )which I embellished with a piece of african batik. The satin green fabric is a textile design directly painted with textile colour onto the fabric.
The little cussions are made with handmade batik fabric and some golden lycra and net fabric, a goodbye present from a fabric company where I worked 2 years ago, (just for a month because I really wanted to be a freelance textile designer). I just stuffed them with a kind of holofil fiber and sewed close! They are very very fluffy.
The bedcover is a piece of linnen fabric, not yet used for a wallhanging...


dmlebris said...

Love those pillows on the bed. :)

Oscar looks exactly like my Gigi...
My new kitten.

Love to see some of your masks...I collect them.

Danielle :)

Kim said...

Wow! I love seeing these things stacked up and waiting on you. I don't dare show you my studio space! I can barely move in there! I really need a library and a studio!

Andrea, I want to come there and play art with you! It looks like so much fun! I love the things you have around you and the things which are stored and the things which will come out to play when you are ready! I want to see what is on some of those canvases tucked under the bed. Oh, I think it would be like a child in a candy shop.

Now, I am going to visit Miss Doodles! :) I bet she has some things hanging out at her place,too! :)

Love it!

Cestandrea said...

Danielle, glad you like Oscar and the pillows, (he's one himself, said a friend of mine once) and your kitten must be sooooo cute!

You can see the masks if you go in the side bar under "this blog's issues" and then click on "textile art-exhibition". Then scroll down, you'll find them.

Kim there is not much space here neither, one has to be very organized in this nutshell.

sukipoet said...

Thanks for this further tour of your studio. Full of so many textures, colors and so much imagination in process. I love the final photo, the colors in those large pillows and the cloth, and Oscar sitting there in sweet contentment.

Forever Young said...

i enjoyed this tour, and your cat is cute. what an arty looking place you have, must be inspiring.

human being said...

Piles of beauty and art waiting to be seen.
Cute cat.

Lynn said...

Thanks for another glimpse into your wonderful studio where you create your awesome art Andrea!

And your beautiful Oscar sets off the lovely pillows and fabrics well.

Cris in Oregon said...

Enjoyed your tour for sure. Missed this one for some reason. thanks for sharing.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh and it was fun seeing your moleskin that Miss Doodle is in and Oscar.

Elizabeth said...

thank you for sharing these - I seem to have a fair bit of older and/or unfinished work floating around. I guess it will all come together eventually :-)

Oscar is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!