Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beads from Cameroun

This is a necklace I love. It was made in Cameroun, my sister in law brought it from there some years ago, when she went to see her family.

I painted each part of it as if it was seperate. It is fun to look at such little elements, trying to figure out the shapes and shadows.


Cris in Oregon said...

I love to look at your work. It is so intricate and yet simply painted. Lovely work here. Such wonderful talent.

human being said...

I can see and feel all the delicacy!
All the intricate patterns and forms are there... Your work is magnificent,Andrea.

sukipoet said...

You are so good at rendering the small details of delicate things. A lovely necklace full of numinous meaning.

Kim said...

Oh Andrea! This is a lovely necklace and a grand idea to paint it! I love the way you have organized the page and brought all of the elements together. I want to reach right out and touch it!

Keep doing this, Andrea!

Lynn said...

Lovely and fun drawings of beads and jewelry. I bet it looks beautiful on you when you wear it too.

Art on the Edge said...

very nice sketch... maybe you read that I am also a jewelry designer?!

thanks for the comment on my blog, you are most welcome to add me as a link! I am flattered.

merci et a bientot