Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Girl with the dreadlocks

Yesterday I saw this beautiful girl with dreadlocks in the metro. She didn't stay long, I had to sketch her from memory, but I liked her "harmony".


dmlebris said...


I love the expression on her face -so soft- a bit sad maybe but beautiful.
Lovely colors.
As always a super winner!

Have a great day - almost 5:00am here. :)


sukipoet said...

she does seem pensive. Love your use of colors and modulation of the colors if that is the right word. Wouldn't she be surprised to know she was an artist's model!

Kim said...

She is very beautiful. I love the soft feeling. Sometimes dreadlocks look so severe, but in your painting they are so touchable! They work well with the beautiful blouse color!

Love It So Much!

Cris in Oregon said...

Another wonderful painting. Love the eyes. Love the soft colors. Good memory you have. :)

Cris in Oregon said...

BTW...How long is your commute on the Metro? You get a lot done on it.

human being said...

In your paintings eyes are very impressive and alive. Sure it's not an easy task. Your work is superb. Her eyes talk to me...And I like her overall mood... the hair... colors....
You see very well and draw skillfully.
Thanks for feeding our eyes and our hearts.

Thanks a lot also for your comment. I've written for you there.

tammy vitale said...

Andrea - what a lovely portrait! Love the energy of it - serene and yet straight forward (Olympia, right?)

Lynn said...

How fun to capture someone so quickly and well on your jaunt to or from work perhaps? I love the things you are drawn to...that you then draw...;-)

Wurzerl said...

Wunderschön, wie konnte ich nur ein paar Tage Deinen Blog vernachlässigen. Was für ein Ausdruck, ein bißchen traurig, ein bißchen trotzig, ein bißchen wehmütig, ein bißchen romantisch, aber kein bißchen langweilig.
Interessant, daß ein so junges Gesicht schon so viel zu erzählen hat. Aber sonst hätte es dich auch nicht zu dieser wunderschönen Skizze animiert. Haben Blumen nicht auch Gesichter?
Lieber Gruß vom Wurzerl