Thursday, March 6, 2008

My old ink - grassgold and satinwood-yellow

Oups, I'm in a hurry. I prepared business cards and a A4 page with a collage of my latest illustrations for the coming "Salon du livre" a great book-fair in Paris, where I will contact some editors. Miss Doodle is caught up in this special adventure and in another one too: she is busy organizing a fashion show for big people, there will be news from her later today or tomorrow!

So, in the meantime I show you my old ink bottles. The perspective in this little watercolour-painting is weird, the bottlenecks look as if they are melting away, or as if the bottles where wearing turtle neck collars... (I like this idea)
Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved


Cris in Oregon said...

Yes they actually look like a little King and Queen standing there.. Maybe oriental.
Didnt know Ink bottles could be so fun to draw. :)

Kim said...

Andrea! I really love it when perspective is thrown off, too. For me, it gives the brain some relief. As you know I love glass and this reminds me of some of the lovely pieces as they are being worked and have not yet become brittle (still in the liquid state).

This is a great business card! Of course the bottles are incredible, too.

I am so excited to hear all about Miss Doodle's sounds as though she will possibly have some special things to tell us soon.

How Exciting!

sukipoet said...

These bottles are adorable. Good luck at the book fair. Will be thinking of you. Be well, Suki

dmlebris said...


Lots of luck with this book fair...
Thinking of you.
May you meet a fantastic editor/publisher for your future projects including Miss Doodle. :)

I love your turtleneck bottles!
They have great personalities.


Cestandrea said...

Cris, this is sweet, the King and Queen!
Kim in fact, this is not the business card, but it could have been, you are right. Perhaps I'll make one with this painting:)
Suki thanks, in fact, the fair is not next week (that's what I thought) but the week after that so I'll have time to figure out how to do this.
Danielle, thanks so much for your comment on the turtleneck bottles, and for the good luck for the fair!

Cris in Oregon said...

:) And It looks like you named them too. lol They are cute drawings. :)

Genie said...

I do love your paintings and hearing about Miss Doodle.
Good Luck for the fair.

human being said...

I see them as two Buddist monks sitting in meditation.
The colors match very well.

Lynn said...

Andrea, so many exciting new things you are up are just spilling forth with creativity and sending it off and letting it flow into the universe for all to see and enjoy...un livre...a book exciting is that?! Wow, and I can say I knew her when...:-)

Mary Richmond said...

Your sketches are so lovely and animated. I just love them!