Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beads from England

Watercolour and ink pen - 25 x 32.5 cm (9.8 x 12.8 ")

Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved


Kim said...

Andrea, these are really very beautiful. I love this series of jewelry you are doing. In your city, on Pont Neuf just across the bridge from Rive Droite before Rive Gauche, there is a tiny little jewelry shope which has some beautiful things in their window. You might find some pretty things to sketch there, too. I will get you the name of the shope and the address for you. I love the paintings you are doing. The subtle and detailed colors are fabulous.

Please forgive my French English spelling is awful.

Lynn said...

So delicately and precisely done, ink and colors all perfectly delightful. I feel I can pick them off the page and wear them!

sukipoet said...

beautifully rendered. Lovely beads. I to love the colors you use and wish I could learn to watercolor this way. You are an inspiration.

Cestandrea said...

Kim, your french spelling actually is quite okay! Don't worry about it, I find it great if Miss Doodle can be like french lessons to you:)
The shop you described: I often, very often looked into the window of this shop and even bought some earrings once there, it is on the Pont Neuf facing a Henri IV monuments, and yes, they have lovely jewelry. The salesman in there is not very outgoingly friendly (Parisians...) :)

Lynn and Suki, thanks so much for your comments, I feel as if I have been able to open a new door leading into the watercolour-world thanks to the communication with my blogfriends which keeps me practising every day!
have a great weekend

Cris in Oregon said...

I too am loving this series. You have such a delicate hand with the ink and watercolors that makes them Beautiful delicate realisitic paintings. Awesome work.
Love how your work has grown in so many directions since I started visiting here last year.

Kim said...

Andrea, I am so glad you know of the little shop. I have purchased some earrings from this shope, too. My daughter loves this tiny place and has purchased several things from him. As for the shope (I must be using the UK spelling here...I do get confused) keeper, he is not so friendly on UK terms, but perfectly kind on US terms! LOL... I have actually found Parisian shope keepers quite kind and only have had one waiter who tried to play the role of Parisian waiter.

I am glad you know the shop and are willing to put up with me practicing my French with Miss Doodle.

katie jane said...

Andrea, I don't think I can expand on the beautiful comments already posted, but I want you to know I feel the same. Your ability to show such detail is marvelous. So realistic.

human being said...

Flawlessly beautiful!
I'm not very keen on jewelry but don't know why i love your paintings; think they've got more soul.