Monday, March 17, 2008

The signs of the Zodiac - Taurus

I am off to the book fair at Porte de Versailles today, but before I wanted to post this:

This is the first TAURUS watercolour painting in the Zodiac series, clic on it to see details:)

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sukipoet said...

Taurus is marvelous. The powerful bull with the little bird on its ear. I wish I were there going to the book fair too. I know it will be great fun and exciting. Have fun, Suki

Kim said...

Andrea, this is fabulous! You have made these scary bulls so friendly. I love that!

The book fair sounds wonderful. I will be eager to hear all about it! What an exciting time for you.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Only YOU could make a ferocious bull look sweet and whimsical with that little birdie on his ear and surrounded by flowers.

I envy your journey to the book fair today. I DO love, love, love book fairs - particularly antiquarian book fairs. You must share with us what you purchased. I am now reading A New Earth - very spiritual and enlightening.
Enjoy your day dear Andrea.

dmlebris said...


Both of these bulls are quite lovely.
Spring is in the air :)


andrea said...

These zodiac illustrations are magical, fresh, marvellous. Have you done Capricorn yet?

Lynn said...

This looks to me to be the mating dance between these two huge bulls. Viving I believe for a sweet ladies hoof? ;-)
Well done!

Wishing all the best at the book faire!

Lynn said...
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Into the Blystic said...

Love all the zodiac signs... but since I am a taurus... this one is my fav! namaste Elis.

human being said...

Wow Andrea! You are ceating a new reality and this is art.
That little bird perching on the bull's ear is creating a very intriguing and meaningful contrast.. as if bringing together all the opposites: heavy and light, coarse and soft.. power and gentleness ,etc.
Loved it sooooooo much.
P.S. The harmony of colors and forms and even the perspective is fabulous.