Sunday, March 23, 2008

Special Exhibition - The signs of the Zodiac

It began with Pisces...I forgot to post this one yesterday although it was the first of the my Zodiac-signs series and I love it. It inspired all the others...

Dear All,
this is a special exhibition for all of you, my blogfriends, of the Zodiac signs I have painted so far.

I guess, for me the Capricorn represents something deeper and darker perhaps, than other signs, I am astonished myself when I look at the black-blue Capricorn-guy. At first, when he came out of my brush I didn't want to continue this painting, thinking that the guy looked a bit like a devil...But then I thought that he deserved to be finished, so here he is, together with all the others. ..and finally I just like him very much!

Ok, now, I'd like to sell these, either the original or as limited edition prints. The prints come on fine art archival ARCHE paper, size A4, without the cestandrea watermark which shows here on the blog. Each one is handsigned.
There is enough white space around it so that you can frame it easily. The paper takes the inks wonderfully so that the prints look like the original watercolour. Price is 20 € (31 $) plus shipping costs, which should not exceed 7€ max (10$).

The original watercolours are sold for 120 € (185 $) plus shipping cost. The picture itself is 10.5 x 20 cm (4.1 x 7.9") on 20 x 30 cm (7.9 x 11.8 ") watercolour paper.

And do not worry if your sign isn't up yet, it will come soon:)

And now, enjoy the exhibition:

Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved


Genie said...

Hi Andrea, Capricorn is my sign.not sure im dark and mysterious just stubborn.
Hope you have had a good easter.
The weather here is cold wet and wintery.

andrea said...

Ooo -- being a Capricorn I do like it. Great idea to print them up. Do you have your own ink-jet printer or do you have them printed for you?

Cestandrea said...

Genie, so you are stubborn:) You make me smile and remind me of some capricorns I know:)

Andrea, I print them on my old ink jet printer, if I need to print more than 10, I have them printed.

Have a great day

human being said...

Again enthralled by their beauty and symbolism.
And Andrea, the first Capricorn is just SPLENDID!

I'm a Capricorn and love this rendition so much. Never ever in my life have I come upon such deep understanding of this sign.

The guy with his magic wands is busy creating .. he can also be seen as leading a cosmic music... The colors also tell a lot... again we are facing a creation ... a red-orange rising from the heart of the darker ones... and this is true both for this time of the year( first month of the winter) and the character of a Capricorn!

And if it looks a bit devilish , it is because winter has always been regarded so... if we ponder deeply, we notice that spring is in the heart of the winter...

Devil connotes our lack of being conscious or aware of something... devil is that part of us that is not known or appreciated by ourselves or others... the moment we gain awareness, it converts to a huge mass of energy that can be used for creating a new world -- a spring!

I bow to your art!

Kim said...

Andrea! This is fabulous! I am glad you are offering these for sale. I will be watching carefully for some future signs! These will make wonderful gifts. I love this idea so very much....I also adore this series and all of the detail you put into these paintings. Anyone receiving one of these originals or prints will be very fortunate, indeed.

I am so glad you are doing this here...lovely show!

Annica said...

Hi Andrea, I have just been nominated for an award by Gunnel as a blog that’ brings her inspiration and makes her appreciate the blogosphere’, and of course I have to do the same to 10 blogs that I enjoy! You meet the criteria so consider yourself well and truly nominated! If you have the time please do the same for 10 other inspiring sites.

Cestandrea said...

Dear Human Being,
thank you so much for your comment, which explains my painting to myself! Before painting a Zodiac sign, I always do a little research about it.

And I think of the people I know who were born under this sign. Then my brush and watercolours take over, and I do not think anymore. It is like waking up, once the painting is finished, and I marvel at picture, wondering.

You are so good in expressing intuitive things with words!

Cestandrea said...

Kim, thanks so much for your comment, I am always shy at putting things up for sale, although I can't keep everything I paint or draw for myself:) I didn't want to put the prints on Etsy, because I'd like to keep this private for some time, I like it better...
Thanks again for your always encourageing comments,

Wurzerl said...

Klasse Idee Andrea, die Zusammenführung Deiner fertigen Sternzeichenbilder zeigt noch deutlicher, wie gekonnt Du verschiedene Eigenschaften herausgearbeitet hast. Wenn ich mal groß und reich bin, kaufe ich Dich arm. (grins).
Ich wünsche Dir morgen einen Supertag!!!
Ganz liebe Grüße vom Wurzerl

sukipoet said...

Andrea, what lovely interpretations of these signs. I too applaud your "putting yourself out there" as they say, and offering your wonderful talent to others to share. I await further signs, Good luck and i hope many of your pictures find new homes.

Cestandrea said...

Thanks for you lovely comments, Wurzerl and Suki, they make me want to continue the series right now, although it is time to go to bed:)
Talk to you tomorrow,

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA! - Street style & romance in Paris said...

i just wanted to say : congratulation

my english is not fluent enough to express my aconsideration for your art.


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Lynn said...

Wonderful Series and Exhibition Andrea. As is all your work, so well done. Love the bright colors. The life seen in each and every piece...some serious, some comical, some gay.
I too hope you will be tres successful and am sure you will be with the sale of these wonderful pieces of art.

Micki said...

These are magnificent! I love watercolors, just wish I could paint.

Cestandrea said...

Kamel-thanks sor you kind comment, your english is quite fine!

Lynn- I am having so much fun and satisfaction painting these, and just let my imagination flow.

Micki- you should try sometimes to paint with watercolours, there are great books which show you the basics and then it is your imagination! It quickly gives you lots of fun!

corryna said...

I just discovered your blog. And I must say it's wonderful. I love the way you draw. And the colours that you use. Very nice.


San said...

Beautiful colors, Andrea. And your interpretations of the zodiac signs are fanciful and inspired. For the record, I love your dark Capricorn guy.

Mary Richmond said...

happy belated birthday! and i'll be curious to see what you do for leo since that would be me! we take a lot of jibes, we lions, due to our being sort of right out there in the open and a bit prideful and bossy (who me????;-) but i have to admit i like a sign with a lion, the sun and the heart as its symbols...

Anonymous said...

I discover your delightful paintings and I love when you are drawing different sights. In fact a sign is a wide sky ! i love too the interesting comments of each one ! Bravo ! Sunny