Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I saw this guy in the metro the other day, and thought I'd dress him up with clothes from another century. He had this nice goatee:)

Vor ein paar Tagen sah ich einen Mann mit einem hübschen Spitzbart in der Pariser Metro. Ich habe ihn ein bisschen verkleidet und siehe da: ein Mensch aus einem anderen Jahrhundert!

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Genie said...

Hi Andrea, He looks like he should be in Venice. Lovely work as usual.

Kim said...

Hey! This is really cool! I love the painting a lot!

You get so many ideas during your commute...but you have such a great city for commuting!

Thanks Andrea!

Cris in Oregon said...

What a cool painting. what a cool imagination. Wish I had one tenth of that imagination. :)
You just keep surprising us.

sukipoet said...

I love the ahri, the mask and thehat.
and his elegant bearing.

francoisehavan said...

magnifique as always !!!! bellisimo !

Lynn said...

You are just so darned talented! the colors that just flow from your brush with such ease. Love this costume and hair.

human being said...

He deserves to be the hero of a story!

Cestandrea said...

@genie: Yes, I thought he looked as if he belonged into a palazzo in Venice, too:)
@Kim: Sitting there, observing the people, getting some inspiration from them is a way of coping with the "dark sides" of metroing:)
@Cris: oh now, you have plenty of it, your paintings are a proof!
@Suki, after thinking a lot about the etymology of ahri, I found it all by myself: HAIR:) LOL
@Francoise: Thank you for the compliment, how lovely to read you here.
@Lynn: I'm in good company here with all my talented friends in blogland
@Human Being: We will think about that, he could be a charming, mysterious, poor Venetian Nobleman, robbing the rich Doges, ranging the canals of Venice like Robin Hood the woods of Nottingham..

Martine said...

Er ist zum verlieben!

Sue B said...

Love his hat!

debra said...

What a wonderful painting! I am so glad to have found you!

Clevelandgirlie said...

I often laugh inside at the fact that you observe all these people and then come home and put them in costumes and precarious situations. I think it would be sooooo funny to see their reaction - like this poor guy that you observed with the Goatee. Here is is on the metro, minding his own business, and now, he is here for the world to see - dressed up like a character out of Shakespeare!!! Lol, lol, lol. You're a funny girl!

Patti said...

A perfect D'Artagnan. Just beautiful Andrea!

Lynette said...

What an amazing work Andrea! He looks very charming too! Wonderful!!

Wurzerl said...

D'Artagnan oder Robin Hood,wenns Errol Flynn spielt beides!
Ich glaube, es ist keiner von beiden, er sieht mir eher aus, wie ein noch sehr jugendlicher Mann, der auf Eroberung aus ist. Da ist eine Larve ganz wichtig, Jungmann kann sich dahinter nämlich verstecken und in Ruhe nach seiner "Beute" Ausschau halten, vielleicht wird er in 10 Jahren zu obigen Personen.
Wichtiger ist, daß Dir die Zeichnung gut gelungen ist, die Abenteuerlust ist ihm anzumerken, Frauen versteckt Euch (oder auch nicht). Lieber Gruß vom Helden-Spezialisten Wurzerl