Saturday, April 5, 2008

Liberty Doodles - Freiheitskritzelei

No concept here, just doodling throught the day, have a great weekend. And don't miss Miss Doodle in NYC

Kein Konzept heute, nur bunte Kritzelei, schönes Wochenende, und hier die neuesten Bilder von Miss Doodle in NYC!

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Cris in Oregon said...

I love your doodling. I love to do the same thing..just sit and doodle. I am loving your Miss Doodle in NY series. Is she on a photography assignment? :)

sukipoet said...

Wonderfully fun doodles. thanks for your kind comments on my new painting and for looking twice.

Lynn said...

It looks like you are dreaming of traveling somewhere. Perhaps you want to come to the US and visit me? We could have fun together.

Kim said...

I love doodles so much and yours are the greatest fun! You just never know what is going to be flowing off the end of your pen!

These are particularly wonderful...I am guessing you are helping Miss D with her travels :)

Thanks Andrea!