Friday, April 18, 2008

Etsy Shop News


These paintings are for you, if you'd like to have a colourful image
of YOUR zodiac sign to brighten your home, or if you'd like to make a special gift to a friend. If your sign isn't there yet, it will come soon. It will be posted here on this blog first, before being set up in ETSY. Have a wonderful weekend, Fridays are always special for me, I love them, don't you?




tammy vitale said...

I discovered printing on water color paper several years back and was amazed at how much like originals they look! To the viewer, they look like originals! Sent a local person here to look at your masks (we browsed together back to December to find them). I tolk her to leave a comment and you'd surely direct her to the proper dates.

sukipoet said...

Hurrah and good luck with your paintings on Etsy. I hope you do well. Fridays are wonderful days although frankly weekends are hard for me maybe due to living alone(except of course now I'm with Mom) and having no beloved to do fun things with even though I well know I can do things alone or with friends but I have few friends up here in Siberia. I'm shy and need assertive friends to push me to get out.

Cestandrea said...

Tammy thanks for talking about my masks to your friends, I sure will direct you friend to the place she can find them!

Cestandrea said...

Suki, thanks for your comment, so far I haven't had lots of succes on Etsy, I must say I just let it flow and never do anything about it. I mean, I do not promote myself enought there cause no time.

I can imagine that it is not so easy to go out when you don't live in a city, and event then it is not so easy, especially when you commute from Mo to Fri,often you don't want to see people. But when I lived alone, I pushed myself to lots of activities because I thought I would become something like a weird lady if I didn't:)

Cris in Oregon said...

Yes you need to get more people to see your ETSY account.
Your work is very good and should be seen more.
Hope you're having fun with your German girlfriends. Are you taking them sight seeing?

Lynn said...

Good luck on selling lots of paintings.

Kim said...

Way to go, Andrea! These are really great paintings and prints. I will be making some purchases in the future, to be sure!

I bet they sell like mad!