Saturday, May 17, 2008

Garden spirit

Hi I'm back in Paris, have spent two weeks staring at the green plants and the flowers blossoming everywere in my parent's garden in Germany, eating a lot, enjoying the sun, sketching a little, reading 5 thick books or so, and, the most important thing, enjoying the company of my old mom and dad.

Thanks so much to you, my dear blogfriends, for coming here faithfully, looking for news or just leaving a kind comment on the last post. I'll be very present again now, that I'm back with a strong spirit:)

Please let me introduce to this guy in my parent's garden. Some time ago they had to cut off a big tree, and they thought it would be lovely to keep parts of it. My father sees faces everywhere and sometime they show themselves to the others too. Not always to my mom's delight, I must say:)

So now there are these two (or three?) guys, this is just one of them, he has mighty big ears (like my dad, mom says). Garden spirits:)

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human being said...

Welcome back Andrea!
Happy you had a wonderful time in your motherland and with your parents...
Your father has got an artist's mind... no wonder his daughter is so creative...
I wait to read more and see more about your adventures there.

Peter J. Crowley said...

Welcome back,
Good to hear of your vacation. You have been missed. enjoy pjc

Sue B said...

Welcome back! Love the tree guy, very creative!

tammy vitale said...

Welcome back! I have missed your voice. And look at what you brought with you - this wonderfuly whimsy of a garden spirit. Hoorah! I want to start being this creative with my yard.


I love this Andrea!
Your father has a wonderfully artistic sense of humor!

Lynn said...

I too welcome you back to Paris.
Happy for you having a good time at home with your parents. That is a strange creation in their garden.
Happy art making.
You must be well rested.

Martine said...

Good looking guy, your dad. Haha.
Welcome back Andrea!

Cestandrea said...

Hi my friends, thank you for your beautiful welcom words, how nice it is to join in again:)

sukipoet said...

Andrea, so glad you had a relaxing and yet eventful time at your parents. Yes, we can now see where you got your artistic whimsy but also your sense of humour. Very cute garden decoration. Glad to hear from you again. Blessings, suki

flo said...

bonjour Andrea,
super beau ton travail tout en nature et aquarelle, j'aime beaucoup;
j'arrive de chez Choule et j'ai cru que tu parlais français... mais là maintenant je me demande...