Sunday, May 18, 2008

The other garden spirit, Oscar, the eagle and the goose.

Right after taking this picture, a geranium has been planted in this pot. I didn't think of taking a picture afterwards, sorry.

Gardendwarfs ( a German specialty:) They make me laugh, my mother thinks they are absolutely kitschy, I agree, and Dad has to put them in the "garden-spirit "corner. Sometimes, they move. I mean, my Dad tries to put them out of this forest corner into the part of the garden, where they can be seen better. But my Mom always smells a rat (I tell her!) and the dwarfs have to beat a hasty retreat:) - I know though that she likes this whimsical corner very much...and that she believes the dwarfs just belong there. This dwarf war going on between my parents always makes me laugh.
Some simple things have their place here too, like this Dandelion.

This is the other big-eared guy. Ivy is slowly covering his head:). I love his hair.. In the upper part of the garden, there is this tool shed, my Dad built. My Mom took care of the decoration with flowers. They hadn't yet filled the flowerpots when I took the picture... But the Clematis's blossoms already opened, what a miracle:)
My Dad and my brother chatting and drinking beer:)
So, this is where I grew up. We came here when I was 1. My Dad and his friends built this house, on weekends. Of course, with the support of their wifes, being busy to cook for the whole crew. Must have been happy times...

The eagle was sculpted very quickly by the guy who cut the garden spirit tree. Oscar is going to check what happens in the dark corners behind the eagle and the goose:)
On vaccation, the cat Oscar does the same things we did. He hangs around in the garden, watching the birds, sleeping under the fern and enjoying the sun and the green everywhere.

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sukipoet said...

So wonderful you bring Oscar along on vacation too. He must appreciate being outside. The garden dwarf story is so funny. This is a lovely place to grow up, Andrea. And now a lovely place to visit. I too like the wooden man with the plant hair. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.

Kim said...

Andrea! What a beautiful place to grow up. The gardens are so very beautiful and the special places your father and mother have built are amazing! In my mind, there is not anything like European gardens. Your home is not an exception.

I love the story of your parents little arguments about the garden dwarf. So cute and so lovely.

I, too, want to say thank you so much for sharing this part of your is an honor! have been truly missed!

marianne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Nice to come to your blog in this way. Lovely garden. I understand that you are on holiday there. If the weather has been as good as here you have been lucky.
Cool cat!
I will look around some more on your blog....................

katie jane said...

Such wonderful pictures! I've wondered where you went, missed you. So glad you had a nice vacation. Your home looks just so welcoming and what a fun place, too. Your dad seems like a really funny guy. I'd love to meet him.

Jill Smith said...

I would love to have a holiday in your mum and dads garden, could explore for ages. I was born in a house with a garden the same and we had orchards were l used to hide in. Love the people in your gaden, its a magical garden.

francoisehavan said...

what happens to miss doodles she was in vacation too , hope you had a little rest and will be glad if miss doodles gives some news !

Kim said...

Andrea, how did I miss that beautiful painting at the beginning of this post! It is fantastic!

I love the colors and how you have captured a very special place in your parent's garden!

Thanks Andrea!

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh what a lovely place your parents house is. Lovely grounds. and Parents with a sense of humor too, what more can you ask for? This was a fun visit. Lots of peace there for sure. and I am so glad you took Oscar. I bet he is going to go thru withdrawals too. :)
Did you drive or fly? If so how long is the trip home?
Lovely painting too. I cant wait to see what will come out of this vacation onto paper with color and sense of humor like your parents.
Welcome back. Missed you for sure.

Wurzerl said...

Liebe Andrea, schön daß Du wieder da bist. Oscar und Deine Bilder zeigen, daß Du einen schönen Urlaub hattest.
Tja, good old Germany! Ich bin auch ein paar Tage herumgegondelt. Aber jetzt geht es wieder an die Pflicht. Dir ein gutes Eingewöhnen.
LG Wurzerl

Cestandrea said...

Thank you for you comments, you sweet blogfriends. When I look at these pictures now, I WANT A GARDEN!!!
But, have I earned one yet? :) I don't know.
It is only 6 hours drive away, though, so we will go again in our "big" vaccations in July/August. Yes I know, we Europeans are lucky, having 5 weeks holiday a year.
Anyway, I still dream of green.

tammy vitale said...

oh - what a lovely patio and yard and just generally what lovely wonder you are having re-entry problems with the metro! Do you get mosquitos? I long for a summer patio to sit on without a gallon of bug juice sprayed all over me - kind of takes away the ambiance.

Your dad needs a pink flamingo to really make your mom crazy....

and 5 weeks holiday a year...that's enough to make me want to move on over.....(although being self-employed means I could take them now should I be so inclined - need to think about that)

Lynette said...

Andrea, what a beautiful and special home you grew up in and the photos are just stunning! Your story about the garden dwarf made me smile and I love the whimsy and magic in the garden. Wonderful post!

Lynn said...

What a fun garden with all it's little paths and creatures. I bet Oscar was in vacation heaven. He looks so happy exploring. Was this his first visit there or had he been before? A wonderful place to have grown up. And I like the squabble between mom and dad about the dwarfs. Too funny.
I bet it is hard to readjust to city life after two weeks away in this peaceful haven.