Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peaceful landscape sketch

During my holidays, I used a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook I bought not long ago.
It has white paper and an oblong format. Great of landscapes.

The funny thing is, before I was never really interested in drawing these
cause I couldn't. I suspect myself not having had enought practise
and patience, and I although thought this is boring. Silly me.
Now I find it fascinating to explore, which colour value to use for the background
forest, for the foreground grass halms,
and to give the dung hill in the middle the right colour, blond amber and goldenbrown:)
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Irgendwie war es mir bis vor einiger Zeit immer zu langweilig, Landschaften zu malen.
Ich weiss warum: weil ich es nicht konnte. Und zu ungeduldig war.
Heute macht es mir Spass, herauszufinden welchen Farbkontrast
ich für den Wald im Hintergrund benutzen sollte, welche Farbe für die Gräser
im Vordergrund und den Misthaufen mittendrin:)
Die Skizze entstand während eines Spaziergangs im Feld, und
ich habe ihn heute anhand meiner Photos coloriert.



sukipoet said...

Andrea these are lovely. I love your colors and the drawn lines in black. They are very open and peaceful.

Funny how our perspective changes about things. I too rarely did landscapes. For me it was the proportions that were difficult. Well, other things too. I never liked how they turned out and they seemed boring. But recently I've been painting some. Maybe it's being out in the country that inspires this.

Kim said...

Andrea, this is quite beautiful. I love the way you bring in the light to this. Ah, yes, choosing the correct colors to make it look right...well, I do think you have done that well.

The Moleskine watercolor book I have has perforated pages, though. In a way I find that annoying. I use mine a lot, I love it and I will buy another one soon, but I am not happy about the perforated pages.

As always, I love your work!


Cris in Oregon said...

Andrea. this is absolutely lovely.
I love these kinds of paintings. I wish I could use watercolors. I should take some watercolor classes. This looks like so much fun.
I have a book I got years ago, Called Queen Victoria's Sketchbook by Marina Warner. I loved how she did paintings on location of landscapes & other things. Your's remind me of her delicate watercolors. altho I think I like your colors better. The book didnt capture the true colors I think.
I hope you did more of these.

tammy vitale said...

you know, i've yet to see anything you really can't do...I think you've done quite the job of capturing the spirit of the land!

Glad you are enjoying the artomatic posts - it's wild and wooly and lots of fun. More to come. so glad you're back!


These are great, Andrea!
So free,,truly spontaneous appearing. Wonderful color choices too!

Cestandrea said...

Suki, thanks,. Being out it the country is one inspiration, yes. And I also think it is because one need to be calm inside to paint the calm outside, to contemplate.

Cestandrea said...

Kim, thanks for your comment, I feel encouraged to continue my landscape studies!
And the Moleskine: I would be frustrated too with the perforations. I prefer the big Moleskine sketchbooks with thick yellowish paper and the watercolour one, with thick white paper. I wish they did still bigger formats too and loose paper, as I love the quality of the yellowish one (although it becomes a bit wavey when using much water)

Cestandrea said...

Cris, thanks a lot for your comment which is very inspiring. I sure will do more of these. I never heard of queen victoria's sketchbook, in google I only found a little picture...
How nice to hear that my colours are better:)

Cestandrea said...

Tammy, I love this country very much, soft hills with castles on top of it, wide fields and forests. It is soothing, especially in May!

Cestandrea said...

Babs, thanks that means a lot. I guess time and perseverance do miracles, if only we knew that from the beginning:)

Martine said...

Grossartig......... wie du sogar aus einem misthaufen ein kunstwerk machst.

Cestandrea said...

Hallo Martine, :) ja aber nur wenn der Misthaufen weit genug weg ist:)

(obwohl, wenn ich so drüber nachdenke, einmal einen Misthaufen im Detail zu malen ist sicher eine aufregende Sache!)
Danke schön für den schönen lustigen Kommentar!

Kim said...

Andrea, wouldn't that be wonderful to have larger Moleskine sketchbooks? I love that idea...and the loose pages, too. What if we could buy that paper? Ohhh, now that does sound nice.

I am going to try another watercolor book, though, in case they have changed that.

Thanks Andrea!

human being said...

wow gorgeous... and really peaceful...
so meditative... looking at it helps one to meditate...
thanks, Andrea for sharing your beautiful works with us...