Monday, June 16, 2008

Metroheads - Dreadlocks and yellow trenchcoat

Hello hello, it's Monday morning, time to face the rest of the world:)

The young men with the perfect dreadlocks - He reads a book and is so concentrated that I have enough time to draw his hair, or better to find out how best to draw dreadlocks:) I only see his face when he gets off the metro car five minutes later, he is a beautiful man. I'm happy that I had time to study at least the back of his head:)

The oh so sad looking woman with the gold necklace and the yellow trenchcoat - even the colour yellow does not brighten her expression. What is her burden, is her life full of haunting memories? She looks wealthy and immensely unhappy.

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Hopper said...

You have such empathy for your subjects... they are alive and so is their emotion... I am always impressed by your word Andrea... impressed and jealous... all that I can draw is eyes and kayaks... and I don't know which it's going to be until I've got it half done... uggh...

Hope you're having a great day!!!

Cestandrea said...

HopperJon:) thanks so much for your comment, and do not be jealous, you paint with words and I cannot do that:) So...
I love you wordpaintings.
And: someone who can draw eyes and kayaks has got what it takes to draw:)

Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

These are really great and the detail is fabulous. It is true, you do unconsciously encourage people to want to draw. If it were a room, I could get that out a sketch. But when it comes to less structured sketches...well, I just need more practice. You are inspirational.

I love these two Metroheads. I have often thought about dreadlocks and how they worked. There is a professional pastry chef (after being a lawyer) here in the Washington, DC area. I often look at his dreadlocks and wonder about how he gets them to look just right. You have done a great job with these...I am glad the guy was so involved in his book so you could study how it all worked.

The woman looks as though she is really focused on something or some issue. Maybe it is just something at her office which is taking over her mind. Maybe she is just not aware of the expression on her face. Maybe she is just annoyed at having to end her weekend.... :)

As always, great sketches...

Thanks Andrea!

Peter J. Crowley said...

Have you ever asked a Metro head to pose for you? There is a mystery that is compelling to us who view and enjoy who you are through them. But I wonder if you wonder, "would I like to spend more time with this person as a subject?" enjoy pjc

Cestandrea said...

thanks so much for your comment, it is indeed all a question of practise and opportunity too. These people are so quickly gone, which means that in order to draw them you just jump into the cold water, and draw what you see, without worrying or wanting to get it too right or really looking like the real person.
I'm not sure these persons would recognize themselve, cause, as you said about the sad women so wisely: perhaps she isn't even aware of her looking so sad?
Thanks so much for you thoughtful comment,love

Cestandrea said...

Peter, thanks for visiting, always, and no, I haven't asked one of my Metroheads if he'd like to pose for me. I think I wouldn't be able to do the same sketches if I asked first and if the person knew I'd draw him/her. They wouldn't look the same. It's like that with photos, isn't it?
I'm sure that almost none of those I painted were aware of it. I now have made out my special corner where I can sit and have a diagonal view onto the person, who sits too. Or I draw those standing.

And, "would I like to spend more time with this person as a subject" :) yes I do, especially when I managed to draw only a nostril or an eyelid before the person hopps off the metrocar! ...

And some of them, I'd like to take them home and put them on a podium, and paint them lifesize:)

The people are beautiful, all of them, that's what amazes me these days,
thanks so much for asking

sukipoet said...

andrea I love reading you have picked out a special corner in the metro just to observe and draw the metroheads. You present to us a whole world of people. Oh yes, the woman looks so sad. I think whoever said she maybe doesnt know she looks so sad might be right. Do we ever really know what our faces are saying? At times I know I have an overly expressive face. But I don't really know what it looks like, except by peoples reactions.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, yes:) it is the seat at the aisle on the left, in driving direction:)
Or it's opposite on the right side:)

Your question is so interesting "do we ever really know what our faces are saying?"
Hmm, perhaps actors know it? My mom and my stepdaughter are in their "private balloon" so to speak, I mean they walk around thinking about things and in the meantime often don't look very friendly, LOL. But when you ask them, they say they just are lost in thoughts...

People often say that I cannot hide when things upset me. So I guess I must be able at least to say that with my face...I hope they see when I'm glad too!

Wow, what a great subject. And Suki with the overly expressive face, you are perhaps like me?:)

andrea said...

I love your Metro drawings, Andrea. There's an artist in San Francisco who often does the same. Have you seen her blog?

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Hi Andrea, thanks so much for the comment and the link to Jana's page, I went there and feel very connected:) love her watercolours, too!
thanks and have a wonderful day

Cris in Oregon said...

Love the hair on the guy. wow you did a great job capturing his dreadlocks. and you get so much emotion into the faces. You can feel her pain of whats going on inside. well done.

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Cris, thanks so much for your comment, the guy's hair really was special. I would have love to go there and touch a dreadlock and look at it with my glasses on my nose, to see how it is really made, but heavens, I'm too shy:)

Cris in Oregon said...

PS. so you ever see the same people on the ride to work? Maybe you have drawn them before and have another chance at drawing them?

marigaz said...

Merci pour ces très belles images "volées" dans le métro :
Maintenant je sais ce que sont des "perfect dreadlocks" ! :)

Oh cette femme avec son imper jaune... Quelle expression tu as su saisir... Trop tentant d'extrapoler sur ses sentiments !!

La journée de Miss Doodle said...

Marigaz:) merci pour ton commentaire:) oui, on voit des expressions de toute sorte dans le métro, malheureusement on ne peut toutes les capter...

marianne said...

Cool dreadlocks and poor lady!
She makes me sad so I guess that's an exellent drawing than, you captured her sadness very well.

flo said...

jah love!!!!

Wurzerl said...

Am Montag ist es immer besonders spannend in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln, weil die Menschen noch voll ihre Privatshäre "dabeihaben". Das wird Dir jeder Lehrer bestätigen, in Problemklassen, oder bei Problemkindern (vernachlässigt, Scheidungswaisen, etc.) ist der Montag kein Lerntag, sondern es sind die Stunden, in denen die Kinder wieder in den Schulalltag eingegliedert werden.
Ich könnte mir deshalb vorstellen, daß Du am Montag durchschnittlich mehr so interessante Motive vorfindest, als an den restlichen Werktagen. Deine Zeichnungen gehen wieder ziemlich unter die Haut, sehr authentisch, aber immer Handschrift "cestandrea", danke fürs Zeigen!!!
Ich wünsche Dir weitere produktive Metro-Fahrten.
Lieber Gruß vom Wurzerl

janabouc said...

There's so much personality and expression in your drawings!

Cestandrea said...

Marianne, as Suki said, are we aware of the expression we "wear" on our face in such moments? I wonder...
thanks so much for visiting,

Cestandrea said...

Liebes Wurzerl, vielen Dank für Deinen sinnigen Kommentar, ich habe noch gar nicht über die Montagsgesichter nachgedacht, total interessant, was Du da sagst. Ja, da können wir, wie die Lehrer in der Schule, ein bisschen soziologische Studien betreiben!
Bis bald

Cestandrea said...

Flo:) Jah love yeah, j'adore le reggae (fallait que je regarde comment ça s'écrit:),
Merci pour la visite,

Cestandrea said...

Jana, thanks so much for visiting, what a pleasure to find your comment, perhaps people give me more of their personnality when they do not know that I draw them? I ponder, I wonder:)

Lynn said...

Such expression you captured here, in the lady in yellow.
I like the first grandson wears his hair this way...not lovely...but his statement I guess at age 18. You do it all so well and seemingly effortlessly.

Peter J. Crowley said...

My thought was that you may see some of the same people on the Metro and after you sketch them you would than approach them about posing. 90 % of the people on my site know I am taking their photo even if they appear as if they do not. I make eye contact or a motion with my camera shoot them after they relax and return to what they are doing. If I think they will make a good subject I approach them after, give them a card. enjoy pjc

Cestandrea said...

Lynn, I always thought that dreadlocks look good on black frizzled hair but not on blond.. But yes, sometimes it may be a statement more that a solution of comfort and beauty:)

Cestandrea said...

Peter, oh , I now understand better. Indeed, the thought touched my mind to give them my card, but I guess I'm too shy cause everybody so protects his own and resprects each other's privacy in the Parisian metro and you are very caucious when it comes to talking to people.
Also my too tiny studio in my home is not a good place to invite people to pose for me....
I should begin with friends!
Thanks always for your thoughtful comments, very inspiring!