Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peonies and a special day for Miss Doodle and her secretary!

My dear blogfriends, today I have something very special to share with you.

First of all this painting of the "famous":) peonies, you remember, those peonies I photographed in the sun in my studio some days ago. One "simple" flower and several "double" flowers. Those of you who are good observers will notice that there are alreay some leafs missing...

Watercolour, size 30 x 40 cm (11.8" x 15.7")

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Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved

And now the news concerning Miss Doodle! (and I will be back here with a new post on THURSDAY, Oh sorry no, FRIDAY:)!)




Chris Bolmeier said...

Beautiful Work as usual! Love the Watercolor Flowers.

Patti said...

Fantastic that Miss Doodle has been published! Congrats!

You peonies are so beautiful. I love your watercolour so much!

Kim said...

First of all I love the Peonies painting! This is very lovely and I adore the colors and the composition! Great Work, as always!

I knew it would happen! This is fantastic news about Miss Doodle....FOR YOU! You so deserve this recognition. Do you think they will pick you up as a regular? Oh Andrea! I am just so excited for you! This is lovely, lovely news! You have made my week!

Fantastique, mon ami!

Kim said...

I am also going to be looking for a copy of this magazine...yippee!

sukipoet said...

Poppies are so sweet. The colors soft and calming. Congratulations on Miss Doodle's debut in the larger world. That is soooooo cool. I too will try to find this magazine. Very exciting and am so happy for you. Miss Doodle is famous. Yeah.

Cestandrea said...

Chris , thanks for you compliment, I cherish it :)
love Andrea

Cestandrea said...

Patti, thanks for visiting! I saw what you baked lately and said: hmmmm yummy yummy! Australian cookies:)

Cestandrea said...

Thanks so much Kim, for you comment and thanks for cheering me on always! (we all need that a bit, don't we:)
I don't really know if half of the editors of the magazine can persuade the other half that a regularly published MIss Doodle would be great for the magazine:)
But I sure hope so! And I'm happy because now I can say with proud "Miss Doodle has been published" LOL

Cestandrea said...

Suki:) These are not yet the poppies (your's and Cris's I mean:) I'm not that fast, LOL, these are the peonies I painted (now a couple week ago already) time goes so fast!
love to you

Lynn said...

I love love love your peonies painting...just lovely...colors are wonderful...
I responded to your news of Ms Doodle publication in her blog.
Go see! I am so happy for you Andrea, this is wonderful news.
May there be many many more sales of this sort to come for all of your art!!!
Mazol tov dear friend.

Cris in Oregon said...

WOW. THAT PAINTING IS AWESOME. you are growing by leaps and bounds with your watercolors. Very pretty.
and Congrats on Miss Doodle I am so happy for you. Kudos Kiddo.

Cris in Oregon said...

Can we find this magazine in the USA? I will have to look for it and we should all write in about it being in there and loving it to get it pubished regularly.

Sylvia C. said...

I am such a fan of water color!

I love these flowers!!!!


tammy vitale said...

Andrea! Congratulations!!!!! How exciting that Miss Doodle is now famous!

Don't you just love peonies? Mine are done for the season but I do believe they had their best year ever. Always remind me of being young - my Mom had them and they bloomed beautifully every single year. I should be so lucky.

Micki said...

I can only repeat what everyone else has had to say. Congratulations on Miss Doodle being published. She/you are fantastic.
And I love your beautiful watercolor peonies.

Cestandrea said...

Lynn, I love that you love the peonies,I had lots of doubts when I painted these, until I put on the background, then they dissipated:) It is always a pleasure to share my paintings and drawing with you, love, (and have a great trip:) and thanks for the great comment on Miss Doodle's Day!

Cestandrea said...

Cris, thanks, this means very much to me! I love the watercolours but this time thought I'd overworked this one... Finally I think not, it is just full of colour:)
thanks for your great comment on miss doodle and have a great day, see you on Thursday (my butt hurts from working at this computer:)

Cestandrea said...

Sylvia, hi how nice to see you: and thanks for commenting! Have a great day, I'll be back on Thursday, in the meantime, have a wonderful time

Cestandrea said...

Tammy:) Thanks for visiting, and oh, I don't know if this little publication will make Miss Doodle famous? I'dl like that very much, all the more because I can still stay anonymous:) which suits me well:):)
I'm still practising with watercolours but have begun to work on some FACEs again! (on canvas, but they are really mask-like:)

Cestandrea said...

Micky, thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment! The beautiful peonies are now gone from my table and I guess I have to go to the flowershop and get myself a new bundle of colourful magic flowers to paint them for you:=)
have a great day
(I will be back here in THURSDAY:)

Meg Wolff said...

I love your peonies painting!

Congratulations to you and Miss Doodle! She looks on top of the world.

Cestandrea said...

Oh hi Meg:) thanks so much for visiting and I'm thrilled you like my peonies. And yes, Miss Doodle is thinking of Hollywood right now (silly thing) LOL,

marianne said...

Oh so lovely this!
And just returned from Miss Doodle to congratulate her on her Publication !
So cool!
Enjoy this feeling! You deserve it!
love >M<

A Kite Rises said...

Congratulations on your inclusion in the magazine Cestandrea! Well done to you! Your peonies are beautiful too, I love them. Love, AKR.

flo said...

superbe , tes fleurs sont débordantes de charme. Je ne sais pas si c'est une info tuyau de poelle mais Ikea vend des tableaux (déco maison) qui sont des repros de peintures souvent très fraiches de fleurs , natures mortes etc... il me semble que tes peintures sont assez raccord avec leur style, ça vaut peut-être la peine de leur faire des propositions!?!