Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Doodle Cabinet of Extraordinary People

Waitingrooms can be most inspiring. Take along a sketchbook!

I was waiting for my turn (Mammo).
From the waitingroom which was a square in the middle of a big room
surrounded by glasswalls, you could catch a glimps into the dark room
where two doctors controlled one breast-cliché after another, fixing them on a lightwall.
That made
me uneasy, and I thought that I'd prefer not to look at these clichés, I glimpsed
various breast-forms on the clichés and wondered, which were mine:)
Then I stopped myself and draw instead.
(well, a little under influence, just look at the naked Ogre-Lady:)

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Kim said...

Oh, this is so funny! While I don't think that would happen here...I have never seen it where you might see the films of anyone else while waiting...I haven't even seen my own while waiting.

When you said you were going for a mammo yesterday, I thought it was funny thinking of how wild and humorous some drawings would be of all of the flat, manipulated breasts.

The ogre woman is hilarious. I need to remember to do this in waiting rooms!

Cestandrea said...

Blogger is bugging me, just left a comment which was gobbled up:)

Kim you are so right, I thought it was indescrete and that's why I turned my eyes away, embarassed:) although you can't really distinguish much, too far away.
I have changed doctors and this was my first time there, this doctor was soooo sweet (and handsome!), he really has a way with frightened women and made them all laugh. I'll be glad to go there next time (:)
Thanks so much for your comment on my drawing and the oger woman, she made me smile too:)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I hope these werent the people waiting in waiting room with you. :)) Not sure I would know what to think of a Rooster headed person. lol Oh so glad you got thru that. They need to come up with something better for us then making pancakes of us.

sukipoet said...

I love all the lines in these drawings. I think they reflect the turmoil going on inside you as you waited. That is strange about the Xray films (cliche?) on the walls but glad you liked this Dr and that he was kind and considerate. Isnt it wonderful to be able to turn to drawing even in the waiting room to help work out the emotions and thoughts around the mammograms. I g thought I heared about some kind of laser method of doing the xray where you dont have to be squished.

Kim said...

Well Andrea, if this doctor is sweet AND handsome...clearly go back! That is worth a TON!

Sorry blogger is making you does that with me sometimes, too.

Martine said...

I'm so happy when i go there i meet only woman. No males........... but your roosterdoctor would sure make me smile.

Lynn said...

Wonderful drawings...what these medical procedures bring to your mind...waiting...sometimes waiting for the procedure and the results is the most difficult part.


Hi Andrea,
Always such a great feeling, having the mammo behind you!
SUCH fun drawings,,,and heavens NO, I've not heard of seeing any films either. Like Kim, I don't even see my own unless there is a problem.