Monday, September 8, 2008

EXHIBITION NOVEMBER and Angel - "Triptyques"

Some of you asked about the exhibition, in fact it will take place in November in Germany. The vernissage is on Nov. 13th, 2008, a Thursday afternoon. It will last a month, and show all my textile art, paintings on canvas, paintings on paper (original textile designs), drawings and watercolour paintings.

I prepared the pictures for the Flyer, it is almost ready, see above.

The following (and the one on top) was painted in Germany, and I left it there, sniff. An angel growing wings and then flying.

Acrylics on canvas, Angel Triptyques 12 x 12 inches (30x30 cm) and second (on top of the page) 20 x 20 inches (50x50cm)

Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved


Kim said...

Andrea! Wow! The flyer/poster looks fantastic! You must be so excited to have this take place. I am assuming you will be going to Germany to hang everything. I am so excited for you!

And the angels are wonderful. You know Suki just wrote about painting her muse...maybe this angel is your muse. What do you think?

Gosh, Andrea! You are such an inspiration. I can't wait to hear all about your exhibit. Will you art be for sale, too?

Congratulations have worked so hard for this! I know it will be a huge success.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Cestandrea said...

Kim, thanks so much for your comment, so enthusiastical as always, I know I wouldn't have been so productive without you and my friends here in blogland, where we have these free conversations and musings and ponderings about art, where we can show our art to each other and not be afraid because we get so much positive feedback and so much motivation!

The art will be for sale, yes, I'll have to fix the prices yet, and make a list for the assurancy. And I'll go on Nov. 7th, then we will celebrate my Dad's 80 th birthday on Saturday 8th, and then I'll go and help them hang everything. I'm very excited about it, cause the school has an invitation list of about 150 people (of course, not everyone is coming, I hope:) and I can send out invitations too, to people I know there and haven't seen for a long time. So it is a double occasion to be happy. And the students will do art perfomances and take care of the culinary part of the vernissage. Part of the things are already at my brother's house and will already be exhibited on the occasion of an "Art Night" on October 24th, where the school is one stop of many (galleries etc) in the town of Marburg.
I'm so glad that I could hop around a little , will do!
love and thanks for always being there to share my art and also the doubts.

Peter J. Crowley said...

So exciting, and you're so deserving of recognition. The work is fantastic. I can't make the opening but would be thrilled with a post card. Keep it up. enjoy pjc

Wurzerl said...

Superb Andrea,
das Plakat ist geschickt gestaltet. Es fehlt nur die Stadt, wie soll ich da hinkommen, grins!!! Ich wollte der Millionste Besucher werden und die Reise nach Paris gewinnen.
Das Engel-Triptychon ist einfach toll, es wirkt so befreiend, dabei so neutral, daß es wohl einen großen Liebhaber-Clan anspricht.
Ganz liebe Grüße und viel Glück rund um die geplante Ausstellung Wurzerl

sukipoet said...

Andrea, I do love your angel and thought she was your muse when I saw her, soaring to the heights. Oh, what a fabulous show this will be. You are so talented in so many mediums and forms and this will be a showcase for them all. In fact the whole occasion, celebration, 80th birthday, hanging of the show---This is BIG. I do wish I could fly over on MY angel's wings to see it all and I wish you many many wonderful accolades from the exhibit. I am excited and full of anticipation for you. Many blessings, Suki

Kim said...

Andrea! There are so many things to celebrate for you. How exciting it will be your father's 80th birthday, too. Awe, in the photos you showed us, he clearly does not appear to be 80! Wow!

I am glad these will be for will do very well, I am sure. Like Suki, I sure wish I could be there for the exhibit in person. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Do take loads of photographs and share them with us...we want to be there with you!

Sending Hugs!

tammy vitale said...

Awesome angel! Love that tryptich (hm spell?)...I keep trying to make those and I just never get them to turn out so they make me happy. This would make me VERY happy!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh how fun this will be for you.
Nice that it all comes around your Dads 80th birthday.
Everyone asked the questions I would have asked. :))
Will you be able to be there on opening night? I forget what night you said it opened. guess I can go back to your blog to find out. lol
Good job!!!
I agree with you on the blog friends being of such encouragement. I know I would have quit painting had I not found all of you.

Martine said...

Andrea ich liebe deine Engel. Woh kann ich mir die ansehen?

Martine said...

Wieder mal zu schnell, ich muss mir angewöhnen zuerst die Kommentare zu lesen.
Marburg..................schade, zu weit weg für mich. Da zeigst du hoffentlich viel auf deine site.

Anonymous said...

Ungefähr sechs Stunden Zugfahrt bedeutete die Reise nach Marburg für mich-Fahr mal, sag ich mir.Es wird ein Wochenende sein, weil ich freitags unterrichte. Ich freue mich schon auf das Engel-Tryptichon

Cestandrea said...

Peter, POstcard will come

Cestandrea said...

Wurzerl : Marburg:)

Cestandrea said...

Sweet Suki, I can see you face now:) and oh, I can see now too, that the angel is my muse, thanks for this wonderful thought!

Cestandrea said...

Kim, I'll take lots of pictures so that we can share them!

Cestandrea said...

Tammy, you'll make wonderful triptychs (I never know were the y should be!) perhaps in Glass? I just love your glass torso!

Cestandrea said...

Cris, yes I'll be there on the opening night, which is November 13th, a Thursday:)

Cestandrea said...

Martine, ich werde alles fotografieren und dann hier zeigen, klar! :)

Cestandrea said...

Oh Anonymus:) bist Du das, Christina? :)
Ich bin bestimmt an dem Wochenende (15/16 November) auch noch dort!

katie jane said...

Hi Andrea! Welcome back and I noticed that you visited me recently, too.
I like your triptyques very much. I think you are a very busy girl now. The poster looks great and the angels are wonderful.
You go girl!

katie jane said...

Hi Andrea! Welcome back and I noticed that you visited me recently, too.
I like your triptyques very much. I think you are a very busy girl now. The poster looks great and the angels are wonderful.
You go girl!

flo said...

beaux triptyque d'anges, et bravo pour ton flyer, très sympa et classe;;

Lynn said...

How did I miss these wonderful angels. Suki sent me here to find them and they are beautiful.
I love how you cut them into threes.
And the poster of all your work including a mask and your fabric designs is wonderful too. I especailly love the fabric in the bottom left corner. amazing!

marianne said...

Wow exiting!
Love the poster you did and the angel!
I wish you a lot of success there, are you going for a month as well? Or just for the vernissage?