Monday, September 29, 2008

Study of a sculpture:Tolstoi

Yesterday I visited my little "square de Tolstoi" again and draw the bust of Tolstoi, which I love to contemplate. It was created by the Armenian Artist Akop Gurdjan (1886 - 1948) , whom I never heard of before.

I love the way Tolstoi's head is emerging from the stone. Long hair like an inversed crown, covering the ears and flowing down into a full beard. Softly chiseled hair and beard.

I see a smooth and beautifully curved forehead, the massive eyebrows casting dark shadows, hiding the eyes. A piece of the nose is missing and the mouth barely visible, slightly open, under a huge moustache.

I will have to draw many more studies to do justice to the work of the sculptor.
On the first study, it looks as if poor Tolstoi had a bump on his head...

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sukipoet said...

these are wonderful renderings, Andrea. I think it is very hard to render a sculpture. You have caught some of the intensity and darkness that must have been part of Tolstoi's person. Well, he was Russian right. Full of drama and angst and joy. I brought back my 1920 something Baedecker of Paris which is falling apart. I bought it used so I could follow Alberta's walks through Paris (and also Paula M-Becker's, and Gwen John's etc). Have to look up Tolstoi's square though it may have been called something else back then. Are there still "fortifications" in Paris. Alberta was always going out to the fortifications to sit. I think most of that area is now highway.

Martine said...

Poppies or Tolstoi, they'v allways character Andrea wenn you draw them.
An Armenian sculptor, a Russian writer, all together in Paris where you draw him, an international story........... is'nt it?

Kim said...

Andrea, I do love this so much. I think this sculpture, or your drawing of this sculpture, contemplates the sculptor as well as his subject! I don't know about the bump on the head as it seems as though Tolstoi is inside the stone trying to come out!

I love the way you talk about the inverted crown of the long hair and the hairless crown. It is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing this part of your world with us, Andrea!

Lynn said...

There is a guy at our art gallery who helps run things there who looks like this statue you are so beautifully drawing. I feel "Steve" when I see it. Amazing.


Such nice sketching you do!
I love the way the crosshatching is worked,,,,shading just right.

I also really liked the metrohead girls in the previous post.
Beautiful work, Miss Andrea!

Je suis super Marion bros!!! said...

J'ai honte... Où est donc ce buste merveilleux! ( pas à côté de Victor Duruy,j'espère sinon, c'est double honte!)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

yes these are wonderful.
Do you have your studio back now? or is the This square your studio for now? :)

yvette said...

tolstoi in the air, this is good.I mean this great spirit must move, you wake him up.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, thanks for the wonderful comment, and: I have to check whether there are still fortifications in Paris, but I think so... This 1920 Baedecker must be something very fascinating!