Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Metroheads and The Big Draw - Tired woman rubbing her eye

The Big Draw Day N°1

Just about an hour ago on my way home, I sat face to face with this tired woman in the metro. It could have been me. Looking tired like that. It is a funny weather here in Paris, a tepid wind is blowing, and everything tells you that it will rain but it doesn't.

Yesterday I finished three textile pieces for an exhibition, just before the deadline, as usual, staying at home all day swinging the needle, sewing my head off and jabbing my poor fingertips, then trying to find the perfect solution for the hanging of the pieces (husband eying me).

The exhibition is held in a company where only the employees have access to the artwork. The artists are either employees or their relatives, there are sculptors and painters mainly.

Forgot to take pictures of the finished mask and the two spiritpockets yesterday, so I can't show them to you yet. Deadlines are really good to get things done, personally I like and need them! (Cris, Artist from Oregon, said that something about last-minute work, but I couldn't find the quote on my blog anymore...)

So now I'm back to the preparation of the exhibition in Germany in November. Lots and lots of time, I know. Comes November, I'll be again in the same old tight time-spot:) ... knowing that at least half of you out there are like that too, or not?:)

Have a great evening/day/morning,

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sukipoet said...

Oh andrea. she does look so tired. well, hope you can rest up a tad before the rush to finish things for the next show. Will you be able to get feedback about the works in this employees only show??

Great drawing.

Lynn said...

She looks too pooped to pop!

Good luck with the newest show!
I'm the opposite of you, I have to get things done fast right away in the beginning not at the end! DH is like you in that way. Last minute Annie. Or in his case Andy.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Very good Andrea. So you are joining the Big Draw for October? yea.. the gangs all here. :)
That drawing could be me too..I am wiped out from company and all that cleaning. but I joined the Big draw with a so so drawing.
Thanks for the mention. I think I said that "If it weren't for the last minute nothing would get done". That was my Dads saying. He worked under pressure. I think I do to but I also hate it. lol Glad you got everything done in time.

Kim said...

Oh I completely understand this feeling. If the shape of the face and the hair were different, you would have drawn how I felt yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if it is all about fatigue or boredom with the mundane things which sometimes have to be done outside the studio! LOL

But Girl! You have a ton going on there! I am so excited about your exhibits. I know they will be so successful. In the meantime, you are one busy woman!


Martine said...

Yes Andrea, it seems it must be like this all the time. I had lots of time for the piece i'm working on now but probably will finish it the last day. Wenn will we learn?