Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Big Draw Day 7: Monoprints (Me and My Mess Today)

This I draw in the metro two hours ago, still p..... about the f..... u. rug. grrrrrrrrrr

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Clevelandgirlie said...

The signature of an artist - her paint. She leaves it on her clothes, on her fingernails, on her furniture and yes, even on her rug. Sabrina's friends make a game of it every day at school - where does Sabrina have paint on her today??? On her ear, on her watch, in her hair -- the girl never fails to go to school (even after she's showered) with paint located somewhere on her person. You, on the other hand, prefer it on your RUG!! XOX
P.S. Don't discard it (the rug) - your signature (the paint) will only add to it's value! (senitimental value that is.)

Cestandrea said...

Oh Cathie, thanks so much, this kind of speech is what I need right now, I knew that here on my blog I'd find lots of comfort from you and all my friends:)

Kim said...

Awe, Andrea! Do know I have been there as well. Some days I feel as though I will tear the walls down bit by bit with my bare hands to get the space I need in order to effectively paint and create. I can feel your pain acutely.

Does it help to say your sketch expresses your frustration so very well?

Hang in there, dear Andrea! I am glad you shared this here, though...it is one we can all identify with, I bet.

sukipoet said...

Agree, paint on everything the mark of an artist. Soooo hard to work in a small space. Ideal, a concrete floor with drain in middle and hose to wash all down and lots of windows and shelves and space.

I myself have only one pair of pants I can wear without shame in public. All the others have paint on them.

Love love love this drawing. So expressive Hope your eyeballs have calmed down a bit by now. Take care, Suki

Cestandrea said...

Kim, yes it helps a bit:) thanks so much for your soothing words, too. "Tear the walls down bit by bit with your own hands" oh my, this sounds mighty angry too, LOL!
Well, I'm there right now,

Cestandrea said...

Suki you make me laugh (sorry) with your bruised-finger-style writing:):) And by referring to my eyeballs:):) Well, and the thing with the pants, yes, everywhere a bit of acrylics, today a white speck which I discovered in time on my jeans, so I could scratch it away:)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Grinin".. I feel your frustration in that drawing. It says SO MUCH.
I do hope the rug will be OK. I have dumped liquin all over my Sunroom carpeting and what a mess that was to clean up.
I bet you saw no one else on that ride to work today for the frustration in your head. :)
Makes one feel better to express it I think.

Cestandrea said...

Cris, you are sooooo right, I saw nobody on the ride to and fro, and also the metro was so crowded that I had no chance to take out my moleskine, but the spirit wasn't there, either,
I'm glad you speckled your rug once, too:) I can confirm that the acrylic paint does NOT go away:)
(pictures tomorrow:)

Lynn said...

Oh she is so funny...the true artists make the biggest messes!
I just cleaned up mine this weekend so I could start anew.
Now it's getting messy again with fabrics flying hither and yon.

Enjoy your art making. Great drawing of it all. Love it.

BTW Mim told me about a site called Spoonflower where they take your design and print it on fabric.
Check it out. A bit pricy right now but looks like a way to get a design on fabric.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear!!!! I did that to our dinnig room carpet once, while experimenting with paint...it could not be saved!!! I hope your lovely rug can be saved??

I am trying to more things around in my tiny space and have somewhere proper to work: I too dream of a very large studio...sigh!

Love your beautiful sketches, they have such 'depth' to them and the people look like they are modern and yet also from an ancient world. I think so much of your work has this "other dimension" to it.

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A definate artist's moment! Sorry to laugh, but isn't it always the way.

And I LOVE the drawing of it - captures it beautifully.

Anonymous said...

It just happened to occur to me....now you don't have to worry about the rug.

Hey, it's something.

klaproos said...

i'm not sure but i have the feeling i just stepped on your toes:-))
i'm so sorry :-))

katie jane said...

What a harrowing day! Have you ever considered using 4 mil plastic to cover your rug? You can purchase it at the hardware store in the paint section.

I love your sketch, however. I can feel the angst emiting from my computer screen.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I literally leave painted footprints throughout my house! Not every day but often enough to be really annoying. I wanted to ask about a picture of your textile work. I would so like to see what you do! (And I don't mean the paint on the rug!! LOL)

Cestandrea said...

Lynn, oh yes here it is brushes flying hither and yon (love this expression, thanks for using it:) and paper everywere, canvases piled vertically so that you have to be an artist to open the window....I feel so good here in Blogland cause I know we are all the same:)

Cestandrea said...

OH Lynn: forgot to say thanks so much for the information about the fabric site, I'll have a look into that,

Cestandrea said...

Lizzy, thanks so much for your wonderful insights and the story about your dining room carpet!:) It is so funny that everyone here has a story to tell about how she messed up something while playing with paint, LOL.

And NO! the carpet can't be save, alas. I'll take a picture later to show it to you here on my blog, just for fun and so to digest the whole thing,

Cestandrea said...

differenceayearmakes: yes, uhhhh, well, that's what my husband said after having swallowed his anger cause he had payed the industrial cleaning of this rug a year ago, which was a succes....
so, he said: "you should paint the whole thing now!"

Cestandrea said...

Klaproos: oh you are welcome:)

Cestandrea said...

Katie Jane, you make me laught, talking about the plastic cover and the angst:):) LOL.
Well, I admit that I have lots of covers and sheets with which I could have prevented this "performance":) but I simply was too "inot" my paint, also with the clock ticking as I have to leave at 12 each day for safety job! Damn. Well, today began much better and I'm not sure I'll not do it again, grin. A.

Cestandrea said...

Laura:) hi, so nice of you to visit, and just look at today's post, there are three textile works which are exhibited right now in Paris and will be exhibited again in Germany in November with other textile works and paintings.

soulbrush said...

i agree the more piant splattered everywhere, the better. what a true artist you are.