Monday, October 6, 2008

Metroheads and The Big Draw: Boy and (another) Bearded Man

The Big Draw Day 5

A Boy, lost in thoughts
and (another) bearded man wetting his lip before
turning the page of his newspaper...

Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved

PS: Oh and this is my hair, scanned, dyed with vegetable dye two weeks ago..
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Kim said...

Andrea, I love these drawings. They are both very contemplative and so well done.

And I think you are onto a hair thing...first little hair then all hair! Tee Hee! I really love the scan of your hair...the color is wonderful and the presentation is so creative!

I love it all!

Cestandrea said...

Hi kim, thanks for your encouragements, always, and oh, the hair:):)
I'm trying to find out to do it in Watercolour without inkpen-lines, getting crazy with this,
in fact, my hair, if the sun doesn't shine on it, is less bright than under the scanner:)

Martine said...

Hair........ ha Andrea our hair is very much the same. We could easely be sisters. Mine is very bright in sunshine but much less so indoors.
Curieus what you'll do with watercolour.
Love, Martine

Lynn said...

More wonderful sketches Andrea...I am so partial to bearded men...being married to one for thirty years...and your hair...well what can I say? Lovely color and how funny that you stuck your hair in your scanner.
You just make me laugh! A good way to start a Monday!

sukipoet said...

andrea the man wetting his wonderful. Now I tried some crosshatching today and just willy nilly laid in the crosshatch whereas I see your has meaning to the contour of the form you are hatching.

Love your hair the way it flies upward.

klaproos said...

i like the drawing of your hair:-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Your drawings are wonderful. I went back to the one below and looked at the girl in watercolor again and what a peaceful and lovely painting you did. These are great too. Yes.. you went from the almost bald head to your hair scan.
Your hair scan cracked me up. LOL
You use Vegetable dye? Maybe I ought to become a red head after all I do have some German in me and I would match Annie my dog.
Can you just see that. LOL

amanda jolley said...

I was just curious how much time you spend on your Metroheads. I just love the feel they capture.

Wow, I never would have thought to scan hair. Great color.

Anonymous said...

I love the haircolor!

As always I'm fascinated by your portraits!

Kai said...

Aloha Andrea,
I love the uniqueness of your sketches, they rock.
The hair is a great autumn colour!!
PEace Kai

soulbrush said...

your drawings are enchanting...and what gorgeous hair you have..envy