Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Notebook entry: remembering early artwork

Don't know where I'm heading right now, trying to fix things which have been waiting for me on a list, and to do the follow-up work of the exhibition, at the same time reading a fun book (vampire story, I read the first two volumes, twilight and new moon, from Stephanie Meyer love these books) which does not really help with all the undone things:)
Trying to remember artwork I did when I was very young, my mind stumbled upon the image of a monstrous (acephalic!) being, head and shoulders, with a tiny little beast sitting on one shoulder. This was my first self-portrait, and I know my parents kept this, I would like to see it again but we didn't have time to search for it when I was in Germany last week.
Here is a reproduction of it.
And my aversion of talking which grows bigger and bigger, makes me wonder about former lifes.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, it is rather cold in Paris but the sun is out:)
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Martine said...

Ah Andrea, you don't know where you're heading. Feels a little empty I gues, after the expo? Working is the best thing to do. That gets you slowly into the routine of what you do best and like most. Btw love your selfportrait........... very Andrea. LOL

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wehn you have worked so hard for something so long like you did for this show in Germany, it is natural to feel a little empty and lost.
Time to regroup and think about what next. So it is natural you would turn to reading. I think your sketching in your mole skin will lead the way.
Welcome back.
I am sure Miss Doodle will be having some new adventures in Paris with winter coming on. :))

kalproos said...

dear andrea it is rather easyto find out what you where in a previous life perhaps must you try regression therapy,
have you ever had that...

keep talking to us.:-)
i like it :-)


Clevelandgirlie said...

Andrea and her hamster - lol!!! Gizmo would eat him as a snack.

sukipoet said...

Andrea, I DO think reading at such times (and really anytime) DOES lead us back onto the path and also makes it easier to get those things done we have on our lists. Often when i feel overwhelmed I will take a little read in a book and emerge energize and in the next hour do a whole bunch of stuff. This happens too when I practice yoga which seems to take up a lot of time however afterwards I'm in such a better mood and so energized that I whip through whatever.....

Yes, the big space after a big effort. It is okay, the Buddhists say, for that "gap" to be there. Just be present in that gap, that space. Everything arises out of it.

I just love these two pages. Your early self-portrait is wild. How lovely your parents kept it and maybe others of yr early work.

Have a lovely Weekend and treat yourself to something divine....!

Genie said...

Welcome back Andrea,
congratulations on Exhibition and your award, I am sure things will soon settle down again for you and Miss Doodle will soon be advnturous once more.

Lynn said...

I am just so happy to have you back with us again. Your exhibition was so fantastically wonderous to behold. You must need some time to regroup and begin anew.

I wonder if you might get a hamster now to make up for the one missed in childhood?

I remember a huge yellow octopus I drew in grade school, an underwater scene I thought was quite good and it made it onto the wall in the classroom. I was so proud of it. Fun remembering childhood art.

I delight in seeing your journal pages here!

Wim said...

A hamster oder eine Eule, to me it looks like a fish swimming on your shoulder.

Wim said...

I forgot...
Congratulations on your exibition of course .

Anonymous said...
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Cestandrea said...

Martine, you are so right, I begin with doodles in my notebook...

Cestandrea said...

Crhis, your comment sends me in the right direction, today I sketched something in my notebook: a little hut in the wood, very hidden and very romantic, that's were I'd like to be right now:)
Miss Doodle will be coming soon, with stories from pre-Xmas Paris:)

Cestandrea said...

Klaproos:) no, I never tried regression therapy, perhaps because I am afraid of my former lifes, what if I have been Raspoutine or some other bizarre person? Or a worm? LOL

Cestandrea said...

Cathie Clevelandgirlie: Tell Gizmo to keep away from my Hamster,:)

Cestandrea said...

Suki, thanks for your words, which are so wise. I think about the "gap" and try to be in it, what a nice way to see things. I guess it really helps to let this gap be there!
But when it comes to reading, I'm not so reasonable, I wish I could do that, read a bit and then go on and do something else, then go back to the book etc.

But...I'm a compulsive reader. Always have been. I can't stop, if I like the book, the story, because I'm so IN it that I have to stay there, or else I loose connection and then the spell is broken for me. This attitude is very irritating for those who'd like to talk to me while I have my nose in the book:)

Have a lovely Thanksgiving day, take care

Cestandrea said...

Genie:) thanks so much for your comment, and yes, I'm already thinking of Miss Doodle getting caught up in the Pre-Xmas frantic stress:)

Cestandrea said...

Lynn, thanks for your sweet comment and the one on my show too!
Well the hamster, LOL. But, think about it just a minute: what would your Henry say if you put a Hamster right in front of his nose?
Oscar is really not much of hunter but I don't know whether he could resist such temptation:)


Cestandrea said...

Wim:) hi, thanks for the visit and yes, it has a bit of a fish, this Hamster, or a polliwog (tadpole:)

soulbrush said...

you must be experiencing the 'coming down' after such a lot of emotion and hard work...time to rest and recover i would say.