Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pictures of an exhibition

Pictures of the exhibition for you! It was such an exciting event, which passed so very quickly ...too quickly. Approximately 90 persons came to the vernissage, friends and also people I did not know, invited by the school.

Unfortunately time was too short to get to know everyone, this is the one thing I regret, but everything went so well, the speeches were funny and interesting, introducing Miss Doodle and the Metroheads, the Masks and the textile design (while pictures of miss doodle passed as a PP presentation in the background) and one of the school classes had prepared culinary surprises, delicious soups and drinks. Then I took the visitors on a tour and answered questions and talked about the ideas and techniques...which is so rewarding!

I had prepared a little speech too, which took time, one sleepless night, lol, cause I'm no speaker but could not let pass this occasion to thank all the people who came, and all those involved in the preparation of the event, the charming directors, my brother who did a great job in coordinating the whole thing, the friendly students who did the service during the vernissage and their teachers who helped them preparing the dishes, and all the visitors.

I sold work too, until now mostly Miss Doodle and Metrohead prints, and am very happy about that. The exhibition hangs until February next year and I hope that more people will find their way to it.

A bit of emptyness right after the event. On the other hand now one year and a half of artistic work hangs there, ready to be viewed, and I can concentrate on future work. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, especially about organizational questions when it comes to preparing an exhibition.

I also have to thank all my friends here in blogland for their comments on my experiments and work in progress. Without this positive feedback (which means constant motivation), I'm sure I wouldn't have done half of it!


PS: the African mask and statue you can see in the first pictures is original African artwork which my brother brought home from Mozambique and which normally has it's place in his house and garden. As African Art was my inspiration for the textile mask project, we thought it would be nice to create a visual link on the night of the opening.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Andrea - how absolutely fabulous! What an impressive, inspiring and ambitious body of work you have created my dear. We are so proud of your accomplishment and your talent -- and you certainly should be too. Welcome home. Good to have you back.

Jul said...

Looks lovely! What city is your exhibition in?

Congrats on a successful vernissage!

Cestandrea said...

Cathie, thanks so much for you nice words, and I have to say without the professional help of the school (and especially my brother) it would not have been this easy. They organize these events two times a year and are doing it very well:), whereas I am a beginner when it comes to solo exhibitions!

Cestandrea said...

Jul, thanks for commenting, Dirndlgirl, the exhibition is in Marburg, Hessen, very nice old little town, famous for it's ancient University.

Martine said...

Andrea this looks great...............i'm leaving the slideshow on my screen so i can watch your work over and over. Happy it all worked out well for you and you did sell as well. I recognize the feeling when the show is over. Well, in a few days your making art again.

sukipoet said...

Andrea so dear of you to put this together for us all. Is that you with the Veronica Lake hair, the scarf and flowered skirt??? Love the shoes.

Oh how wonderous to see your work displayed like this all together. Such a variety. I love the hanging from a stick idea which I too have used numerous times esp for handmade paper items. I am glad you sold some prints and that the show will be up for awhile so others can come and see. Andrea, you did an amazing amount of work in that year and a half. Congratulations.

Well, now you ARE experienced at solo shows. Tis will look nice on yr resume and invite more shows to come.

I understand that emptiness too. When I acted in plays, when the play was over...same empty space. When I wrote a novel and it was over...same empty space. So much gearing up and focus to get the project completed and then climax and then it is done.

Glad you are back home. Be well,suki

Meg Wolff said...

What an exciting time! And you sold work to. Bravo! I loved the slide show.

soulbrush said...

thanks so much for the slide show, it makes me feel i was there too. you looked great and the show is fabadabadoo. love the african theme running through it. congrats, now on to the next one.

Cestandrea said...

Martine, thanks for the comment and what if we had a show together one day working on a common theme?:)

Cestandrea said...

Suki thanks for your precious comment, I googled so to know how Veronika Lake's hair looked:) well, mine is not as spectacular, is it?:) The shoes are relatively new and I so comfortable in them...
I tried to look a bit colourful to go with the show. And oh yes the emptyness, which certainly is necessary to change directions. I feel that goals like that give us so much in terms of inspiration, and strength to finish things, headaches too:) But it is good to share the finished products:)

Cestandrea said...

Meg thanks so much, as I said, my blogfriends are part of my art, take care,

Cestandrea said...

Soulbrush, fabadabadou:) yes, on to the next:) thanks, love Andrea

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow Andrea, That was a nice show and so well displayed too. How fun that was. I felt like I was there by seing the slide show. And you looked FABOULOUS.. Yes a Veronica Lake hair do look.. just like Suki said. :))
Are you home now? You were VERY missed. Welcome home if you are.

Kim said...

Andrea, I am so overwhelmed with your exhibit. It is so exciting and how wonderful to see all of your art together! I think that is the most exciting part for me to see the work we have seen one at a time shown in these slides as the opening to this lengthy exhibition. I just love this so did you keep from getting overwhelmed with the beauty of it all? I can't stop looking at these slides...they are so motivational. I want to go there and see it so much, but alas I will have to be there only in spirit.

Ah, I can imagine after this how you must feel a great sense of loss. Does your apartment feel empty, too? :) I am imagining it is to be sure.

Congratulations on the sales...I am guessing some of the others will also fly away very soon!

Here is a HUG and a huge Thank You for sharing this with us.

klaproos said...

i'm impressed andrea, and i woluld be delighted to see this in real life,
when are we invited to come over and watch it with:-)))
we could all stay over at your place and have a party:-)))

just kidding dear,
i like your metroheads al together
my compliments


Cestandrea said...

Cris hi! Thanks for your comment, yes I'm home now, we came home yesterday, one day earlier than planned as the weather forecast was bad and predicted snow and icy roads, so we left earlier....with a tear in the eye, (always like that when we come back from my parents' place:) you hve all been with me in my mind during this adventure!

Cestandrea said...

Kim, thanks for your sweet comment, and you are so right, it really felt a bit bizarr to come back to our appartment, with all those things gone:) but: in the meantime, in Germany, I did a painting, (I went to paint with a friend of mine who has a big studio where she paints with kids, students and friends) which we today fixed in our living room, so there is a follow-up to all this :)
and I'm glad to be home again


Cestandrea said...

klaproos, little poppy:) thanks for your comment and oh, how lovely that would have been, to meet you all at the exhibition. But I'm modest and very happy to have you all here in blogland,

Lynn said...

Oh My God! How did I miss this?
Andrea, this is beyond impressive!
What a huge body of work...I am SO SO SO in awe of you and your art work.
It is wonderful to see it ALL hanging there, masks, metro heads, Ms Doodle, fabrics, Poppies Paintings, and on and on and on. How many pieces I wonder? A year and a half of hard hard work, terrific work. You must feel so proud. I hope many more sell in the next year! Just amazing!!!!!!!
congratulations! Mazol Tov...
Bravo...there are no end to my kudos for you and your work. I am proud to know you! Wow!

katie jane said...

Andrea, this is stupendous! So amazing and thrilling. All the art is so varied. I can feel the energy all the way across the pond!

sukipoet said...

There is an award for Miss Doodle on my blog.

Danielle M. Le Bris said...


Thank you for sharing your opening.
Your work is very exciting...
Good luck with the sales. :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Andrea it looks amazing!x

Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I know you are busy, but there is an award for you on my blog!


Genie said...

Congratulations Andrea on a wonderful Exhibition

Peter J. Crowley said...

Fantastic!! I am pleased to hear everything when well. The quality of your work and part of your soul you put into this work is very inspiring.
thank you for sharing the show with those of us who could not be there.
enjoy pjc

Martine said...

Still blushing Andrea, and now i have tagged you.
Don't bother if you havent time.

Cestandrea said...

Thank you so much for all your comments, I would have liked to put some more pictures into the slideshow for you, close-ups of the works, but haven't got around to it, so much to do as always, and I have plunged into books lately, which doesn't help:)

Wurzerl said...

Hurra, nun war ich ja doch (beinahe) in Deiner Ausstellung! Überwältigend!
Andrea, das hast Du toll gemacht! Es sieht perfekt aus. Ich kann mir vorstellen, wie schwer es ist weit entfernt vom Ort der Ausstellung, die richtige Menge, die richtigen Kombinationen, die richtigen Themen und das richtige Zusammenspiel zu finden.
Ich freue mich, daß auf den laufenden Bildern alles so stimmig und perfekt in Szene gesetzt aussieht. Die Ausstellung ist bestimmt ein großer Erfolg für Dich. Ganz liebe Grüße vom ganz-stolz-auf-Dich-seienden Wurzerl