Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fragment 8 - Poppies

"Fragment 8 - Poppies" Series
Oilpastel on paper; 25.4 x 25.4 cm / 10 x 10"

copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved

Isn't the world a (fragmented:) miracle? Today I'd like to share another poppy fragment with you, and also the thought and the feeling that today it's even hotter than yesterday!
I spent the morning in front of the computer screen updating my website and preparing pictures for a miniportfolio which fits into my (big) handbag. I am trying to get my art out into two popular places:

-my recent textile work and paintings on canvas of the "Ancestor" Series - into an African tea salon where I went a week ago listening to several storytellers, among them a dear friend of mine. (In case you haven't seen any of those yet, I invite you to visit my (see PS hereunder) website
- my new Series "Fragments" into a Parisian "Bistro" where the same friend will introduce me to the owner who regularly organizes exhibitions of paintings.
So, I'm preparing the miniportfolio, which is mini format but maximum work, arrg, you know what I mean? You think: Oh I'll have that done in no time.....HOURS LATER you are still at it, head fuming, sore back. Oh well, that's life.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
love, Andrea
PS: inspired by Tammy Vitale's post about Artist Statements yesterday, I wrote my new BIO for my website today, trying to make it worth the read. (The artist statement will have to wait a bit)


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh Andrea.. wishing you well on getting into those places. And yes it does take a lot of work to get ready for something like this. All that paperwork on Bio's and things. An Artist needs someone to do all that work why an Artist paints. Right? :)
Are you done with your trip to NY? You never mentioned the magazine show you went for.

aimee said...

i love your poppy series! and i'm so glad to hear that you had a good trip to new york!

wim said...

Hi Andrea,
Long time no see ;-) I like that Indian proverb in the Palacio. I still think the "Metroheads" are superbe. How is Paris this time of the year? Are people dying in the streets?

Lynn said...

you are busy with creativity and all is beautiful. lots to feel good about and proud too!

lifeartist said...

I looked at your website and I am in love with your oil pastels. They are so painterly. As a watercolorist I am also taken by the juiciness of your watercolors. Great work! Keep on doing!

soulbrush said...

yes this heat is finishing me off! thank goodness it is cooler today and rain is on its way. phew. and i love your fragments...brilliant, love the vibrant colours.

Annie said...

Just catching up. I wanted you to know I love all the poppy fragments! Beautiful!