Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Controlled Post-midlife crisis"

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"Chimera IV. - Controlled Chaos" - Oilpastel on bark paper, size 60 x 51 cm / 20,1 x 23,6 in

This is the painting, I talked about in my previous post. The one I began with the thought "Now I'll paint something completely FREE"...

It did not happen. I set out to do something very "graphical", with just lots of wild, colored marks, something astonishingly chaotic and impalpable. Instead, I settled into swaying but stable motion. Something ornamental, patterned, uncluttered.

I reckon that every now and again, the "textile pattern drawer" (which means maximum control, btw) in my brain opens automatically and the content spills over the page, just as I have something opposite (which means messy, splashy, unruly, spotty, you get it?) in front of my inner eye.

It's ok. Finally I did not discard it and didn't put it under the bed where it would wait for better times. I worked on it for a week, turning it round and round, working in another technique, scratching away lots of paint and now I really like because it's so different.



Jessie said...

I love the colours and the title is great! I put my pictures under the bed waiting for better times too!xx

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I do the same thing. Start out thinking one way and the mind or hand has another idea. Colors are great. Interesting...Not a midlife crisis but a POST midlife crisis. :))

Lynn said...

Your title makes me laugh. I guess I am post-post-post mid life! And am not in crisis!

Your painting is exciting, wild, lots of motion. Fun. Glad you let yourself go and had a good time with it and glad it is NOT under the bed!!!! LOL

Genie said...

Hi Andrea,
i think i am always in midlife crisis. lovely work have a fun weekend.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hallo lieber Freund! Ich liebe diesen Anstrich. Was ich liebe, ist die meisten die verkratzende Beschaffenheit um die Gegenstände. Sehr sehr interessantes Maß, das dieses addiert. Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich hoffe, dass Sie glücklich genießend sind, gesund und dieses schöne Leben.

Hugs for YOU from the Menagerie!

Kim said...

You know Andrea, I think you should keep doing what you are doing, because this painting really works great! I truly love it. The more I look at it the more I fall in love. I think it is perfectly representive of the modern woman at mid-life...kind of fragmented, yet living life in a way which is perfect for her. Oh, I could go on with this talk, but I will not here.

The painting has a great balance and so much movement I want to get up and dance! I love the colors, which are nice a cool (are you longing for coolness?) with just pockets of heat! Completely beautiful. The textue is truly wonderful...partly the bark, but the touch of your fingers makes a huge difference, too!


sukipoet said...

i love the way you describe the process of this painting. So often this happens to me, as Cris said. I start out with one idea and my hand has a mind of its own. I do see this as a wild fabric pattern from the 60's or so. it has lots of energy. I too like Lynn am post post post post midlife although really i still think of myself as in the middle. it is often true that out of "chaos" comes the new, the interesting and the unexpected.

Artist Unplugged said...

I like the way this turned out....particularly love the title of your post...struck a chord with me for sure! Looking back, I love you 'walk on the beach' painting, the colors are so lovely together. Have a wonderful weekend, yes, try to give yourself a break.

Paula said...

Very nice. Lots of movement and great colors.

Mim said...

I like this alot - it's satisfying. Very satisfying.