Monday, August 3, 2009

Pointed face and headdress

Faces pour out of me when I give them the chance to do so.
The headdresses I paint because of the need to embellish
the faces with intricate ornaments, to let them be Queens and Kings.

All the people I meet in my life are in these portraits, plus a portion of me.
These faces want out. When I think about it, I have always drawn faces:)
It can be your lips, his eyes, my nosebridge, her eyebrows, his skin.

"Face with headdress"
Graphite Crayon, Watercolor and Gouache, 29.7 x 42 cm / 11.7 x 16.5 in

Copyright ©estandrea - All rights reserved
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Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is amazing. A lot of detail in it when you enlarge the photo you can see it better. You do these so well. Love the colors you use too.

Lynn said...

Thanks for suggesting we enlarge the photo. I was blown away by all the minute details you have there. A beautiful face, mask, head dress and background. I love hearing that the faces are pouring out of you...that is how I feel sometimes about my art wants to shoot forth like a huge volcano, a waterfall, an eruption of any sort...just NEEDS to come out and poured onto fabric, or paper, or or or...

Momo Luna said...

Beautiful! And i know exactly what you mean; i have also lots of faces in my mind, waiting to get out some day....

Sweet greetz!

Kim said...

Andrea, you know how much I love your faces. They can be Metroheads, Miss Doodle, masks or any. This Headdress(Wo)Man is not an exception. I love the tiny details and the gentleness of the painting blended with the graphic of the words. The composition is exceptional and the color make it all work together.

You do have a lot of faces hiding in you...mmmm, I wonder who will come out next or maybe it is how many will come out in one next? As always, this work is exceptional!

sukipoet said...

this is so beautiful, the layers, the colors. And is that miss doodle with short hair in the headdress. what you speak of is a fascination with people, I think, which for you comes out in your paintings. I too find i am so fascinated with people and many if not most of my paintings are of people. plus also i wrote people stories for many years, trying to fathom the deeds and words of people, trying to put my intuitions and thoughts and observations into a concrete form and make something out of the chaos that it is to be human (sometimes).

Clevelandgirlie said...

So glad to see the return of the faces. I miss seeing your masks.
This one is fascinating - the angular shape of the face, the tilt of the eyes, the colors in the headdress. Wonderful.

~Babs said...

So intricate! Loved enlarging and seeing all the small faces,,,,and the text. You do these SO well!
And the colors are (as always) just right!

Modern Maendy said...

wow she is amazing! i especially love that her face is surrounded by a bunch more faces. i really love the notes on her neck too...just great :)