Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Metrohead, another beautiful woman

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My scanner is experiencing some trouble adjusting to the new paper I use in my selfmade notebook. Well, everything needs time, everything. I'm in need of getting away from Paris now for a while. Have to escape, to not see a lot of people for some time, to be in a garden and just look at the leaves and the sky and the birds, you know....:)

Miss Doodle (remember Miss Doodle? :) too is having a hard time with my new notebook. She simply refused for a while to show up but finally she yielded to reason and is back now. You can see her observing tourists in Paris and ranting about this and that...). Here she goes:

Miss Doodle, the jumping snails and the Tourists


sukipoet said...

that is some head of hair. wish i had even half as much. beautiful. so glad you will get a break from the people and rush of the city for awhile. sounds delicious. have a great time.

Lynn said...

Lovely drawing/painting of this beautiful young woman. Oh those locks.
Are you off to Germany again? Or someother place of rest for you?

Genie said...

Have a great time away.
Lovely drawing as always.

Kim said...

Andrea, she is beautiful! If she knew how you have honored her with this incredible painting! Her hair is that value of black whic makes it look blue! :-)

I know just what you mean about needing something people, no city sometimes is just the right thing. Usually when you spend that time away, you are renewed and are ready to return and move through your rhythmic days. It will also feel good to get away from that testy scanner...sometimes, you just have to leave them alone for a bit (to think of their naughiness, you know?)!

Now I am eager to hop over there and see what Miss Doodle is up to these days.


PS Blogger doesn't like my open id...tee hee

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh she is lovely.
So are you going to family like usual? How fun. When? Will you paint or just lie in the shade and dream with Oscar and DH? :))

Poetic Artist said...

Nice. I wish I was coming to Paris. Want to switch locations.
I am in AL in the Southern States.
There is nothing but Green trees and fields of green. Birds of every color. The weather heat index 104. So want to switch? LOL

klaproos said...

my biggest compliments are fot you andrea,
you are true ARTIST


Modern Maendy said...

she is just beautiful! ;)